Rosewill RSV-Z2600: Replacement hard drive cages


I have a Rosewill RSV-Z2600 2U case that I’ve only ever used one SSD/HDD for, and (foolishly) took out the other cages (it comes with 1x 1 HDD cage, and 2x 2 HDD cages).

Unfortunately I now need the other cages to make a backup server, but have been having issues finding them. I’m worries they may have gotten thrown away…

Has anyone been in this situation and found a suitable replacement? I’ve asked Rosewill support, and they won’t sell me any new ones.

I have a feeling this will turn into an expensive learning experience for me…


they look incredibly basic. i would get some small pieces of scrap sheet metal and some tin snips and make some.

also, there is a fair bit of space available so you could probably 3d print something that is usable as well.

or even buy something mildly similar and make it fit.


I had through about trying to find a metal shop somewhere that could bend sheet metal for me. Unfortunately, that’s beyond my current tool set. As is 3D printing.

I’ll look for existing mounts and see if I can make them work (and wait for other responses, too).

You can also try to cannibalize older cases by cutting the metal and screwing it on?

A few times I have used adhesive backed Velcro to mount components in computer cases. Just make sure to use Velcro with acrylic adhesive so it can withstand the higher temperatures.

Another option is to use 2 holes through some metal part then cable tie the drive in place. If you drill, tape both sides of the spot so that you reduce the chance of metal bits causing random crashes in the future.