Rooting an lg viper

Hey everyone, I have an lg viper 4G LTE. I am tired of waiting for the ICS release for it, and I want to make a wifi hotspot if needed without an additional $30 each month. I have unlimited (truely unlimited) data, so I think I should be able to use it however I want. I was talking to the guy at sprint and he said there was a way to root it and not have that extra charge each month. I have never rooted a phone before, and I didnt find much when looking specifically for my phone. 


Could someone help or post a link on how to do it?

Wow. American Carriers suck EVEN MORE for having you have to pay more for being able to use hotspot function.

Just... wow. They disable a functi on in a phone that's there by default, and charge more for people to use it. ridiculous

Heres a easy how to on youtube not sure if it will work on your phone i did my Samsung galaxy s2 this way and use the hotspot feature.


Rooting process varies from every phone, but yea, not gonna kill your phone to give it a shot

Funny thing about that actually could!

HA! I can't belive the sprint guy would actually tell you that. Anyway -> I don't own the device so I can't tell you for sure that it works. It seems legit. Might want to check xda. tek syndicate isn't the quite best place to ask a question like that.

Thanks for the link, figured I would try tek syndicate out. Figured a few guys here would have a rooted android phone. 


Yeah man no problem. Oh, and feel free to ask away, this is pretty much an open forum so don't be discouraged. I (as well as many other memebers I'm sure) have rooted phones before, but xda developers is the go-to place for Android cracking.