Roosterisms - What rig are you CURRENTLY building? Intel/AMD

While half the gang is across the pond, and I'm taking a break from filming stufffff. Tell me, what >current< rig are you building or considering to build? Drop me a specs list and tell me it's main use, i.e: productivity, gaming, development. If you want to elaborate, go right ahead :D

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1 Like Skylake gaming machine. A little light video editing and recording. Will have a nice Linux workstation running Kubuntu probably next year same time, for some programming and transfer the editing and recording duties to it.

Nice list :D

1 Like Gaming machine waiting on sales for the cpu and gpu. I already have everything else. I would prefer a Fury but may settle for a 390x. Will see how it works out.

Ah, Broadwell. Interesting pricing on those. What are you currently running?

in feb I will be switching out my amd sabertooth and 9370 fx for a 4790k and mobo (as yet undecided on which motherboard).

I am fed up of waiting for dx12 to make things better threaded so I am going to bite the single thread kool aid and go as best as I can while keeping most of my current parts (to keep the cost down).

Fallout 4 opened my eyes to the fact that we wont be seeing any REAL world engines (mass adoption) running on it for at least one more year.

spec after upgrade will be

4790k (will use h80i i have to get a decent overclock)
mobo (as yet undecided)
390x sapphire 8gb
32gb of ddr3 2133mhz
512 gb ssd
2x4tb western digital greens
antec 1100 case
850 w psu

that should keep me going for a while

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waiting for zen to launch myself.

Does it count that I am rebuilding a 2006 imac?

I'm sure it'll be macnificent


Just finished my x99 rig so I'm revisiting X58 for a case mod since I'm strapped for cash.

Rampage III Extreme
i7 950
12gb DDR3 1600mhz
Silverstone SFX-600
A couple of 250gb 850 Evo SSD's in raid 0

It will be used for gaming in the living room, or possibly in the office as a secondary editing rig and to run my CNC router

Nice, X58. I have an extra i7 920 laying around myself. I wouldn't mind finding a REASONABLY PRICED Asus Rampage Gene or something since thats the only matx I recall for back then. I think there was an MSI, but whats readily on Ebay is the Gene. Yet for quite a penny still. Would make for a nice little gaming rig, portable.

this rampage III extreme has been an awesome board. Never gave me any troubles, and I used it for folding 24/7 for a while

I´m going to upgrade my current rig to something better.
I currently use a FX8350 setup for allmost 3 years now, and it basicly allways served me realy well.
But for me its time to move to something more powerfull.
I like to play arround with virtualization allot, but i also wanne go more into video editing, and stuff.

Current spec's.

  • NZXT Phantom 530 red
  • Phanteks PH-TC14PE red.
  • FX8350
  • Asus M5A97 EVO R2.0
  • 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz.
  • Sasung 840 pro SSD
  • Seagate 1TB
  • HiS Radeon 7870GHz
  • Enermax 750W

Planned upgrades:

About the mobo not fully sure yet.

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oc'ed G3258 and a 290x :)

Considering an upgrade for my current home rig to something like this:

Xeon e5-1650 v3
32 gb (2 x 16) Crucial DDR4-2133 registered ECC
500 gb Samsung 840 Evo
Noctua NH-C14
Silverstone SX600-G
Ncase M1

It's a semi-portable workstation for rendering, video production, VMs, a bit of CAD and other random stuff, along with occasional gaming. A Quadro or Firepro would be nice, but the 970 does so well that it's hard for me to justify the upgrade. Same with PCIe NVME storage, although that situation may change in the next year. The only changes from my current rig are the CPU, mobo, and memory. Been on essentially the same Sandy Bridge 2500K setup for five years now--longer than I ever expected--but it's no longer meeting my productivity needs.

By the way, Rooster, I love your videos--especially the small form factor stuff. Keep up the good work!

This is my current PC that i plan on upgrading. I use it mainly for surfing the web, youtube, paying bills, occasionally video editing, and gaming once in a blue moon.

i7 4790k (upgrading to Zen if it's good)
Maximus VI gene (upgrading to AM4)
16GB Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz (upgrading to 16 or 32GB DDR 4)
H100i AIO (upgrading to a full custom loop)
Carbide air 240 (don't know yet)
GTX 970/R9 390x (selling both to get a 980ti)
2x Crucial MX100 (don't know yet)
SeaSonic X-850 (keeping)
8x Corsair SP120 (keeping)

I'm halfway through putting together a new desk that I'll be building my current gaming rig into. I have the frame done, just trying to decide what sort of panelling to use on the outside. Its between solid black, or staining some oak.

MSI Z97 Krait
i5 4690K
2x Gigabyte G1 Gaming 980ti in SLI
EVGA G2 1000W
250 & 500GB Samsung 940 SSDs

I'll be watercooling the gpus after the xmas break & am considering dropping a small server in there as well for backups/media.

I am pretty certain zen isnt going to beat what you currently have

amd are promising a 40% increase in IPC on exising (forget what they used as ther base) either way though its not enough considering what you already have

Well, a 40% increase in IPC, plus probably higher physical thread counts will make it very tempting. Even if it's just 8 cores like the current FX, it'll be great. If it's 4c/8t like what I have, then i'll pass...

recently threw together a cheep build for my mom. put my spare amd phenom II x6 1100T on to a 990fx -UD5 R5 gave her 8 gigs of corsair 1600 ram forget exact model. put my spare 6850 into it and i am powering it with a 700Watt psu from corsair. case is a $30 mid tower just big enough to fit everything.