Rolling mount manual 8 port usb switch

Do they make a multi port usb switch that the selction button clicks though mounts in the os rather than a electrical hard “switch”?

You’re talking about an IP KVM?

@NZSNIPER - I don’t think that is what he meant. I read that as he or she wanting to connect a USB switch to the host machine/server of a hypervisor running multiple VMs, but instead of the cycle button interacting with the switch and it’s firmware, it acts like an El Gato Stream Deck sending a software command to the hypervisor telling it to shunt all of the USB Passthroughs to a different VM.

@TylerTyler_Hill - If I was correct in my understanding stated above, I can’t think of an actual USB switch that would do that. I can think of 2 ways you might be able to get that functionality, though there maybe more.

  1. Write a plug-in for the Elgato Stream Deck that would allow you to send a command like that (assuming you want a separate, physical button). You would likely have to have a dedicated “Stream Deck” (genuine or self built) for your host OS/hypervisor.

  2. Of course, depending on the host OS/hypervisor, you might be able to set up a script, batch file, or app that monitors all keyboard commands for a special combination you determine and when that combo is detected, it cycles through similar to Windows always trying to close the active window when Alt+F4 is used regardless of that combination being assigned to something within the active window.

Then again, I could be completely off base here. :grinning:

wow im glad i logged back on here lol yeah basically i do have an extra stream deck ill do a little net scrubbing. what about oraclesa virtual box ? i thn k you can mount differnt usb storge devices remotely correct?

Unfortunately, my current experience with VMs and hypervisors is inadequate to provide a reliable answer.

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