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ROG ZENITH II EXTREME ALPHA w/ 3960X not seeing an USB System Device correctly?

Hi, I’m new to the forums, just watched the great video on the ZII Alpha MB, I’ve been fairly happy with my ASUS MB, it has the latest BIOS and all the drivers updated. I’ve been in EE for 30 yrs doing COMSCI and Manufacturing, I’ve been building PCs it seems like forever. I’ve come across something though that I can’t seem to figure out…in my Device Manager, I can’t find or get anything to load for a driver under “Other devices” named USB API. I’ve unplugged everything from my PC and started from scratch, even checked other API drivers, but no luck. Presently, I have it disabled with no problems, just wondering if anyone else has heard of this?

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Someone mentioned it was their Corsair PSU, requiring the iCUE drivers.