ROG + Swedish = Win?

Huh? IDK if this is going to be a good thing or a bad thing but ASUS is partnering with IKEA. Maybe we will get some good man cave type furniture out of them for once…


Asus sucks but Ikea is god… IDK about that affordable part. Time should prove that right or wrong


Exactly why is Asus bad?

IKEA has a lot of good things, but let’s be honest, they have a lot of shitty products too.

I’ll hold off opinion on this before I actually see some products.

Asus is mostly known for QC issues by now.

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Could be pretty cool, I like the idea of potentially less “Gamery” furniture that is good for gaming.

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There’s no point in this crap. I mean gaming oriented furniture. It’s still just crap advertised to a bunch of idiots who are too gullible to see that they’re being taken for a ride. Spend your money on real furniture, on a real 24h rated ergonomic chair, and forget about this gaming furniture nonsense.




steelcase masterrace.

Because he bought a botched sound card in the 90s and hates them forever.

Don’t you ever talk about my best friend like that again.

I’ve personally never had any issues with Asus gear.

I’d buy a nice “gaming” chair if they made a comfortable and good looking one.

Interesting to see right on the heels of Herman Miller and Logitech made their… collaboration…

Interesting part #2, will be released in China first, for a number of months before hitting other countries- is this a testament to China’s ever growing consumer power?

I’ve had no problems with Asus products, in fact I’ve been impressed with mine. Ikea is meh- not great, not bad. I expect their stuff to be much more affordable than the Harmon Miller haha.

Oh yes indeed!

I’m not expecting anything, but collabs like these are still fun and interesting to watch.

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If they have an ROG G-Sync 165hz Monitor + Keyboard and Mouse built in I’ll drop $10k serious

Then I can fulfill my dream of being JP from Grandma’s Boy


anyone notice the new china zombie movie on netflix has rog stuff all over the room?