ROG Strix PG278Q Display stuck at 800x600 (amdgpu)

Hi there, have a frustrating problem I haven’t been able to figure out on my own. I recently picked up a used ROG Strix PG278Q display that I’m using as a secondary display. In In linux it’s stuck at 800x600 resolution instead of the default 2560x1440. I was able to use xrandr to force the correct mode, but I recently switched to a wayland DE and I’ve yet to find the wayland equivalent to xrandr. Following the Arch wiki guide on early modesetting I extracted the displays EDID in windows, and added it to my files array in mkinitcpio and passed through the kernel command line to grub.

Doesn’t work. still stuck at 800x600

Does anyone have a similar problem or have found a fix? I’d rather not go back to Xorg, though I suppose it is an option worst case