Rog rx 480 vs sapphire rx 580

Hey all
I have a Asus rx 480 rog strixx 8 gb and I got another sapphire Nitro plus rx 580 4gb…(dirt cheap, mint)
My question is what card should I keep?

In terms of compute / game performance they should be almost the same. The ROG has 8 gigs which will help with newer titles. 4GB is not gonna be enough for some games on the higher detail settings. Personally I would always go with a Sapphire one because they just know how to make great AMD cards. PCB and cooler design is always top notch and not a reused part from the last year’s nvidia counterpart. I know it’s not always like that but it happens. To be fair I don’t know the Strix 480 but if you want the 8GB, make sure it’s not one of those.

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then for now should i keep the rx480 8 gb? until i can buy a better card .

The 580 might be a slightly better chip, but with some power tuning you can get more than 580 performance out of the 480. I’d keep the 8gig. Its not worth not having 8GB of vram anymore.


here are some benchmarks i did

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