Røde Microphones (An Australian 'Tech' Success Story)

Røde is synonymous globally with audio-equipment production, and to think this 'husband & wife operation' commenced trading from small suburban residence in Sydney in the late-1960s.

Originally the business was called 'Freedman Electronics', and has been trading as a commercial-entity for 49 years.

Henry Freedman was working in Stockholm as a telecommunications-engineer prior to emigrating to Australia, it was in the wide brown land of Australia that he began to fabricate audio-peripherals like microphones, speakers etc.

Peter Freedman (Henry & Astrid's son) assumed a major role in the family-run enterprise after the passing of his father, and it was Peter who acknowledged his mother's Scandinavian heritage by including the Nordic ø in the Røde business-logo.

I enjoy the Røde Studio Rescue on Youtube, and to witness the transformation overseen by Røde (video below):

**A caveat: despite possessing quality audio-kit, a lot depends on your microphone-technique (whether utilising Røde equipment or any other kit)

Myself, I utilise Røde kit like Røde's Smart Lav, and soon to purchase a Røde NT (to upgrade my AKG Perception)

Do I love Røde's gear? You bet I do.

My friend absolutely love Rode's microphones and among our friends we are quite surprised to find out that they are more durable than the Blue Yeti!

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Røde has never rested upon its laurels, and is always endeavouring to improve their product-line, (which is a huge plus for consumers) the The Stereo VideoMic Pro is great example of this fact.

I know Røde performs a lot of extreme testing in house at their factory (saltwater spray testing, heat, etc), which probably explains their product's durability.

My own Røde SmartLav retailing for $58 Australian dollars at JB HiFi.