Rockstor File server Build

My current Plan is to build a Rockstor Server that stores all my media and serves it up. I am unsure how many drives it will need but I am guessing a few 2TB or 3-4TB drives in BTRFS RAID 5/10. The OS will be on a separate drive prolly a 64GB SSD. Rockstor is built on CentOS and defaults to BTRFS. The latest version is packed with awesome stuff and I wont need a xbmc server anymore. Especially since Kodi can pull from NFS and SMB shares and Rockstor can server NFS and SMB among other shares. I just tested it on a VM and the streaming was great on 2GB of RAM. I basically copied the install video in the Rockstor thread. I set the RAID level to 0.

Here is the build I am thinking of ATM.

PC Hound Part List


Looks like a good build, also you might want to check that part list link haha

damn. It didnt start off a new one. I am trying to decide between an Intel ECC build and an AMD one.

If you have the money ECC

Im leaning towards an FX-4300 build for the ECC. Thoughts? I want to spend less than $1k and store all my media. It will run Rockstor and since Rockstor is based on CentOS, I want to run SABNzbdPlus and Sonarr on it as well for media downloads and sorting.

That CPU should do the job no problem at all, although the mobo you have above is FM2 where as that CPU is AM3+.

I was going to redo the build based around AM3+ and one of the iStar NAS boxes or something similar.

Awww, thats a good idea, if i had the money id probably do the same, right now im using an old Dell precision 690 workstation (2 quad cores) as a NAS.