Rockstar banning you for modding GTAV So if you guys haven't heard, Rockstar is banning people for modding their games. Now I would understand if this were for the multiplayer side of things, but they will also ban you for using mods in single player. So what do you guys think of it? I don't like it. Hopefully this will go away like the paid mods if we all complain enough. (Credit to Zypher720 for showing me this)

My official response, "realllyyy. RockStar just let us do what we goddam want in our own single player bubble and private matches. Its ridiculous that we can't use our licensed content how we want. Its a game that we're licencing, so let us enjoy the game to its fullest extent with our own addon's. Yeah RockStar doesn't have to let us but c'mon guys it's a game and in a single player environment that doesn't do anything but provide publicity to your game. People will watch vods of modded gta and want to play, but a single player or multiplayer clip only stays fresh and invigorating for so long."

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I was banned for modding the game in memory - made cars sell for $999999 online. My brother was also banned - same thing + he changed his rank as well.

The ban ends on the 16th.

Are all the bans temporary?

Nope, permanent ban is possible. I think mods will only result in a two week ban thou, like mine.

This from a company which releases the PC version like 2 years later, that looks almost exactly the same, with 0 new content, and charges what is probably far more for it than it is going for in a game store.

found this, but I don't know if its accurate...

1st ban: 15 days 2nd ban: a month 3rd ban: permanently

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this is a perfect example of why i hate DRM i say if you have to space have 2 copys 1 for multi player one for cracked modified single player that way you can mod to your hearts content and not get banned.

Really sad to see that Rockstar is trying to kill modding with their game.

Really enjoyed GTA V but it is getting kinda repetitive. Especially the online

Mods keep these games alive for a long time. So if modding is not allowed, so why not just download a cracked version and do whatever you want? Nice logic, Rockstar.

Hah, you thought by buying a game in a fully legitimate way that you actually own it? think again mateys.

When something becomes easier to pirate and is actually actually more playable when obtained illegally, what's the incentive to actually buy it as a consumer? I can't think of any. I'm mainly thinking of Far Cry right now. I've been wanting to play FC3, which I own and have installed, but I don't have UPlay installed, so I can't run the game and I'm in no mood to deal with it. As with FC4, I believe Ubi locked out dual-core users, but the pirated version is easier to patch so the game can be ran on dual-core systems. Again, I'm not seeing much of an incentive to buy a legitimate copy.

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I don't get it. Don't they know that modding is part of the GTA experience ever since GTA 3???
Why would they kill that?

Exactly that.

Well I am not going to publicly advocate 'pirating their game', but I am going to say that people shouldn't support publishers that hate them as a user-base, and refuse to support their user base. That doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy any of the content they produce, but I am not going to tell people to pirate the game.

But I don't think I will be paying for this game, as it seems pretty silly when I will just be banned for loading mods onto it.

My first thought was actually that it seems like Ubisoft has been teaching Rockstar how to encourage people to pirate their games rather than pay for them.

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Cockstar wants to protect their nickle and dime scheme. If ever there was an appropriate name for this kind of BS it is the name Suckstar chose for theirs. its called "Shark cards". Shark indeed. Also with an open world like this, why is there no monstertruck. It would be perfect? Oh thats reserved for returning console players and we can't have anyone modding it back into other peoples game, since the code and object is already there, its just locked down. So thanks a bunch Fuckstar.

Apparently Rockstar changed the EULA to ban modding altogether. I was hoping this was some sort of oversight, but it seems Rockstar really hates PC players.

Rockstar has recently made modding Grand Theft Auto V a violation of their terms of service, enforcing a ban on players found to be using mods. This wouldn’t be a surprise for mods affecting the online mode, but it seems that even single player mods can get you banned. To justify the banning of players, some Rockstar representatives are referring players to the EULA where the following can now be found:
You agree not to:
[..] reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, display, perform, prepare derivative works based on, or otherwise modify the Software, in whole or in part;

Again, I'm trying to figure out the incentive over the pirated version. At one point I felt bad for not being able to support the devs when I didn't have money, but given this particularly shady practice I'm not sure guilt would be an issue anymore. I bought this game twice for PC and PS3, and waited for the PC version mainly for the mods, especially for driving and weapon physics. But if doing so gets me banned, then there isn't much of a difference between the legitimate version and the pirated. In fact, the pirated version is probably better because they circumvent the cumbersome DRM software. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

Oh well, time to voice my opinion on this matter via negative review.

Yeah... I thought it was obvious by the fact that GTAV was an afterthought on the PC, and probably only because of the media fuss over foresaken revenue by abandoning the platform... If they didn't have shareholders to answer too I doubt there would be a PC version.

Consoles are just such a crap platform.

I know GTA IV was an afterthought, but GTA V overall is a really good port and has been declared as the "definitive version" on PC. One of the many reasons why I'm baffled by this move.

If they didn't have a PC version, they wouldn't have a lot of customers. The only games I play on console are sports games and party games. Except for those two genres, I won't touch it on console. I'm actually considering selling my XBone for a liquid cooling setup on my GPU. Forza isn't really fun for me, and Halo... well there are better shooters on PC. I get my sport fix from NBA 2K series on PC - I prefer football, but Madden has let me down too many times. Now, I would rather my GPU run cooler than play console games, especially on a console that can't even rip CD's.

I guess they'll be banning people for playing it too.

Or close enough, anyways. You might as well just play it on console.