Rocket League Tutorials

I LOVE ROCKET LEAGUE and I try very hard to be a better team player. There is nothing better than to get matched up with competent players on your team and you can contribute to a win.

I have seen a lot of RL videos but this one is by far the best. Not only does he give lots of great tips, he links to other Rocket League channels, videos and training mods. I learned more in 20 minutes than I have in a year of game play. There are so many maneuvers that I have seen others doing and I had no clue there was even a button for that move. Maybe I should do the in game tutorials before I play again. RTFM.

No wonder I'm getting my ass kicked. :)

Published on Aug 10, 2016 by NeatMike

Here's my master guide and tutorial to Rocket League. This took me forever to organize.


►Exact Vehicle Stats:
►Rocket League Academy:
►SubParbutinHD Striking:
►Kronovi Levels:
►Kevpert Wall Riding:
►Kevpert Aerials:
►MasonRL90 Faceoffs:
►Sir Timbers Aerials:
►Pro's Camera Settings:

I want to thanks all the great Rocket League channels like SubParbutinHD, Kronovi, Rocket League Cinema, and Gibbs for helping me make this video by uploading gameplay. This guide covers everything from camera settings, controls, vehicle stats, and defense, to strategies, dribbling, aerials, and wall riding.
Hopefully you learned something useful, I probably won't make another for awhile...

If y'all have found any other good Rocket League tutorials please share...

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