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Rock.Chat self-hosted manual setup

G’day all - I’m trying to build a Ubuntu instants with snap, certbot, behind nginx reverse proxy. I’m close to completion but unsure what to do with the nginx conf. Any help would be a appreciated.

I believe if peeps use self-hosted chat software it will lead to a better web for all, but making easy for all to setup is not easy. :woozy_face:

My build so far

    1. buy a domain with noip. Setup domain and sub-domain at noip web portal.
  1. Use: nmtui (on a Ubuntu instants) to make a bridged network from VM host (Pain-full), or bridged network on QNAP VM station, or bear-metal.

  2. spin up Ubuntu and set a static ip Forward port’s 80 inbound 3000 outbound to the IP of rocketchat’s instants.

  3. install rocketchat with: sudo snap install rocketchat-server

  4. login to localhost and basic setup

  5. change rocketchat’s web page from localhost to your domain, use: Auto SSL with Snaps

  6. install nignx with: sudo apt install nginx and config

  7. install certbot with: sudo snap install certbot

  8. install noip with: sudo snap install noip-client and setup. (pain-full)

  9. run certbot with: sudo certbot --nginx

I feel if this is going to be a full time instants the vm needs it own NIC, not the best config as a bridged network. I’m unsure how to setup pcie pass-though for a NIC with KVM. As well my Nginx config what it should look like.

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Hi, how’s it going.

If you’re still having trouble you may want to give Caddy a try, it would replace both nginx and certbot for you - might be easier to set up because there’s no certificate reloading to coordinate.