Rock Candy Wireless PS3 Controller for PC

MEEP MEEP! Hello TekSydicate world. How is everyone doing today? I recently bought the Rock Candy PS3 Wireless Controller. I did get it for my PS3, but I want to use it on my laptop for some of the emulators I play on. I've tried to follow the directions for the DualShock 3 controller, but no luck. I don't know if it's because its a generic PS3 controller or not? When I plug the USB dongle in, windows installs the driver from windows update without a hitch. I just need some input on how to get it working with my emulators. xPSXe and PCSX2 are the two emulators I use currently

Me and a couple buddies of mine tried to do the same thing, we used this tutorial It will force controllers to work with games, so it will automatically switch from keyboard to controller support for most games, so it is a pain in that regard. I was able to get it to work very well, with little trouble, while my 2 friends could not and one of them got this to crash their computer whenever a controller was plugged in.

So good luck, this is the only way I've been able to do it without games that support it natively.

Will it work with the Rock Candy PS3 controllers as well?

I assume that it would work in a similar way to a standard ps3 controller, but I guess the only way to check is to try it out.

If it doesn't work you can just remove the software, also, if for some reason it won't let itself be deleted because it says it's running somewhere, there is a process running in the background that you can end to delete it.

Windows update installs a driver for a 2.4GHz radio dongle or a controller? Are you getting any raw data? Do you have a real PS3 controller connected to the PC?

Play Station controllers are not made for PCs. Why? Because cunts. I bought two PS4 controllers to use on my PC. i use these to play games like watch dogs and dynasty warriors. I use a little ware called "DS4 Windows"

It's a Rock Candy PS3 controller, so it's not the real one

I would attempt to use a real one first so you know the drivers work, you have a real one

it's also a 2.4 ghz dongle

i don't

I'm assuming you have xpadder and all that stuff installed

Never heard of xppadder