Roccat Kone XTD (Wat is wrong?)



I bought a Roccat Kone XTD to replace my Razer Deathadder 2012 (God i hate that thing).

The mouse works perfectly apart from one thing:


It has a special sensor for the cut-off distance when being pickit up. And i cant get it to work, each time i set it on normal it starts to jitter. And on low/extra low it just completely stops the mouse from tracking anything.

Does anyone have the same problem/know a fix for this?

May I ask why you hate the Deathadder? 

Sorry I can't help you with your problem.

It was small, a swet magnet. And kept on crashing my videocard (drivers?)

Sounds like a weird issue with the crashing can't say I've never had a problem like that with my Razer Taipan although I've steered clear of installing Synapse 2.0.

Heh i dit the same. The old drivers are shit to tough