Robotics Competition

Just thought someone would find this interesting. This is a competition for high school students throughout the world. I actually mentor one team and we have been working on this for a week and only have 5 weeks left to work on the bot before we have to stop for competitions. It's actually really cool stuff!


(also, mandatory plug

I did this in high school for all 4 years. Team 2052.

Nice man. Yeah, I went through it for 4 years then became a mentor and have been doing that for years (I'm actually head mentor now; team 1197).

2052 is the 2nd oldest team in Minnesota. i really can't mentor, as i'm too far from my former team, and too busy while at school to mentor the team here.

I am currently on Team 587.

Wanting to go back and mentor my old team 1891

I was on team 23 for 2 years after we came out of retirement and I have to say I'm going to miss FIRST and I would love to mentor a team after I get out of college...


I'm on team 708 and were working on a robot for aerial assist now.

I'm not on my academy's robotics team (I prefer Cyber Patriot), but my schools team is 2152 

I'm not on my academy's robotics team (I prefer Cyber Patriot), but my schools team is 2152 

I am on 2470 my 4th year of doing robotics.  

I feel so old... I've been doing this for 11 years

I am in a small team in a northern Ontario town. Our budget after paying all our fees to join the competition is 200 dollars... They call themselves something like a charity groups but this thing is fu--ducking expensive. The buy in is $5000 cdn and that does not include transportation to the events.

Hey, you're lucky in terms of conversions haha. We also pay $5000 but in USD, which google says is 5480.00 CDN right now. You're getting deal as far as I'm concerned haha.

Yeah, I had considered that; but ultimately I don't see where this money is going, except for andymark credits. If our team had the money/resources we would be more than capable of winning this year, but sadly we aren't sponsored by GM or a University. So our robot will be made of wood, and bicycle gears. When either of us are done, we should start a thread for FRC members to post their bots. Or maybe we could do it now, to discuss design and  strategies.

Yeah, I'm sure being in a more rural area definitely makes it more difficult. But alt of that money end up paying the people who actually help FIRST grow (since even though it's nonprofit, they are a business and have to pay their employees and and advance their own cause). Yeah, after season I'll have more time to post stuff, so keep a look out for either a blog post or in the general section. I have only ideas of how the game strategies will go, but who knows until competition.