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Robot Fight Discussion Thread

science and engineering category? sure

I’m making this thread in preparation for the event. It’s tonight at 10 PM est.

Though the duel was pre-taped in an abandoned steel mill in Japan back in September

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I thought that the US Co. asked to postpone due to technical difficulties in Nov of last year. Crap it has almost been a year!

Noice. I’m hoping to be able to watch the stream. Out here in the woods of Canadistan tho… Might end up buffering a 360p recording later. /endwhining

Kind of hoping the Japaneese win for non-robotics reasons. Us Canucks love to see 'Murica loose at things :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hoping the loser’s cockpit is crushed/pierced

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This is probably just going to be a giant meme worthy larp. I’m keeping my expectations low.


I hope the winning robot EATS the losing robot and then escapes.

18 minute bump

I’ve waited years for this, I’m fully expecting to be massively disappointed. :flushed:


its happenind ted cruz

yes it is but a man can dream

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fuck the duel isn’t for 35 minutes

Damn the kuratas music was annoying.

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Seriously? Get this shit going its 4am here.


Spot should enter, he’d win easy.

the japanese machine should have the fist in the shape of a nuke

for reasons

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Is there a Japanese stream? The megabotsinc twitch stream is just hyping the USA team. Not that it shouldn’t, I just would like to see what the other side looks like.

I don’t think so, they put the whole thing together i believe

this test is cringe worthy

there is a lot of energy in that paintball gun