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Robert Pattinson is the New Batman


People want more Batman movies at this point?
Oh, i see even the last one made some money so there’s that.

Now if they could make a CGI Joker with Mark Hamill’s voice, that would change things. Preferably, he also gets to kill Batman at the end of the movie.



In what world is Robert Pattinson even a threat to a normal person ? Has he buffed up ?

Do superheroes need to be skinny asexual beings now. If so I am going to rule as a lunch money taker.



To be fair this is supposed to be the early years of batman. Also Christian Bale was younger during Batman Begins. The dude trashes Twilight every chance he gets.

You are all a bunch of cry babies. It hasn’t been confirmed either.

I do agree, someone like Jon Hamm would be epic as Batman.

I am putting my trust in Matt Reeves, he has done Let Me In, The newer Planet of Apes Trilogy, and FREAKING Cloverfield!

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Im sure it will be entertaining. Im use to FBI tiny girls kicking big ass grown mens ass in cop shows.

Why not superheroes be weedy little punks that kick ass.

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Who knows, he might bulk up. Ben Affleck had to bulk up big time for BvS.



Lets see.



Dr. Who
Star Wars
Star Trek
Marvel Comics
DC Comics

Thanks, entertainment industry, I love saving money.



the absolute state of movies right now. I wish people would stop paying money for this shit but the crowds just eat it up.

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Well, they want more female customers but are too lazy to come up with anything new.

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Its not that. Look at Joe Rogan. He guy is a fighter and interesting and gets more hits than a skinny batman would.

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Can we at least have Christopher Walken as Alfred.



He has been decent in recent indie films The Rover and Good Time and he said he hated Twilight anyways. If he bulks up then maybe.

People said the same thing about Ben Affleck, remembering him in like He’s Just Not That Into You and Kevin Smith films, then forgetting his roles in Daredevil, The Town, Argo, and State of Play that prove he could play Batman. I thought he was good in Batman V Superman even though it sucked.

But I also thought Bale was trash and people only like him because of the good writing/directing.

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after the super fail of the movies leading up to and including justice league i have no hope for DC movies. with another new batman we get to watch his origin story again for the umpteenth time and i for one am done with re done origin story’s for established super hero’s.



He’s actually a pretty good actor. I have seen some stuff about him, that state that aside from the obvious garbage, his other work is good. He have been doing independent films here and there and have won some awards and stuff.

DC have no idea what they are doing if we should be completely honest.
Ben Affleck was not a bad batman. Does that mean they send home Jason Momoa and Ezrah Miller? How about Gal Gadot? Recast one recast all?
One creative director is gone ala Crisis Nolan and bam - the movies aren’t as good anymore…



This is not a positive argument…

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DC is all fine and dandy. It’s WB that are crapping all over the franchises. I’d love to see new Batman, Superman and the rest of the Justice League movies, but seeing how WB is just tightening the ropes in production and limiting the work of all the people making the movies, I’ma say I’ll be fine with the animated series.
As for RP playing Batman, sure. Why not? I didn’t expect to see Chuck as Shazam, but the guy bulked up and apparently the movie is all dandy.

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i was hoping for Jake Gyllenhaal

but Robert Pattinson in “Remember Me” actually was Impressive
this might work, but, if he looks younger, he might look like Peter Parkerrrzzz



I recommend the angry people read “The Caped Crusade: Batman and the Rise of Nerd Culture” and see how and who is batman in the movies is not directed at the hardcore fan

and as my favorite batman is Michael Keaton from the 80s batman movie i recommend waiting for the final result before passing final judgement



To tell the truth I believe in him



My personal need for Batman movies has been done with the Dark Knight Trilogy. I could watch those 'till the end of time and have enough Batman Forever :wink:
I’m not sure how a new title in the franchise want’s to live up to those films. But that’s nothing against the actor. I was also vocally against Daniel Craig as Bond and now feel like he’s up there with the best. So, wait and see i guess. I won’t judge a actor based on previous films. If we’d do that, there would be a whole lot of “best actors of all time” that wouldn’t have gotten a second chance.