I am building a new pc, and I have bought a corsair RM650 psu to go with it.

In my build I will be using a gtx 770 which has 1x8pin and 1x6pin

The RM650 comes with a cable - 8pin(PSU) >> 2x6+2pin

Can i power my gpu with only this cable? Or that wouldnt be enough and it could not drain enough power from 1 connection?

dont worry, if your psu has 2x6+2 pins it essentially means it has 2x8pins so you'll be fine. depending on how much your cpu takes you should be fine, right up at the limit but imo you'll be ok.

Thanks for the info.

OP dont confuse the 8pin cpu cable to the 8pin (6+2) pcie cables.

Yeah the 6+2 pcie just means at can be 8 or 6 pin, or 2 potentially but I don't think there's any graphics cards that have that haha

the r295x2 has 2 8 pins