Risks to Running CPU at 100% for Extended Periods

I am getting into animation and stuff like that which tend to render for really long periods of time. Is there any risk to running the cpu at 100% while rendering over night and possibly longer?

Everything should be okay so long as you keep the temperature under control.

It stays around 45-50C

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My only question is which CPU cooler are you using? 

I know people who used their Athlon XP to render a 3D model for 4-5 days and nothing bad happened, they still played games on it after and they still work today.

The warranty you get from the manufacturer implies it's working at 100% for x years at stable parameters (their cooling, with instructions provided by them).

I use my i7 3820 to render in 3ds max a lot of the time. Sometimes batch renders take me 2-3 days and temps go as high as 60-nearly 70c and everything works fine afterwards. If your cpu is running only at a max of 50c then everything should be completely fine.

Just some tips. When rendering for long periods of time; always keep an eye on your temps (every few hours or so if your paranoid enough) and also in the coretemp options setup, you can enable overheat protection so IF the cpu temp does end up going over a curtain temperature, your computer will automatically power-down, sleep or hybernate after 30 seconds after receiving the overheat warning.

In the overheat-protection settings; you can set your max temperature, what you want it to do if it overheats and how long it takes for it to take action as soon as it detects that it is overheating.

I am using a thermaltake Nic C5.

Okay will this be found in the Bios?

You should have it somewhere in the monitor tab of the BIOS

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Okay thanks!

I was talking about CoreTemp the software, not the bios.

But you could use the bios too. Its just a bit easier to fiddle and tinker with in the software. At least for me it is.


Same thing as this!

if you have decent cooling, and a decent stable mobo and psu, it should be no problem.

I'm using a thermaltake smart m series 850w psu, an Asus Crosshair v formula z and a thermaltake nic c5 cpu cooler.

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Then it should be okay.

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It should be fine, the only way to find out is to try it out I suppose.