So, I acquired Risen today. For those who don't know about it, it's basically an other installment to the Gothic series. Since Piranhas' Bites lost the licenses to "Gothic", they just renamed it and continued the series...and it seems like it doesn't quite fail like Gothic III did (shame to the publishers who made them release it too early...game was bugged to hell). So far, it looks to be up to the quality standards of the Gothic and Gothic II, which were some of my favorites RPG ever.

A small review shall come in the coming days.

That game looks pretty sweet. What are your first impressions of it?

indeed, been looking at it for a couple months now and it looks quite god and fits nicely in this quarters 'gamefest', also wanted an nice rpg since dragon age was delayed =(

Dragon Age has been delayed? I was wondering what's up with that.

But yeah, so far the game is pretty fun. Better than Gothic 3, and seems worthy of the original Gothic titles. The beginning is harsh...you have to only focus on surviving...it's pretty cool, good RPG elements.

I've been playing this personally for about 5 hours, seems alright, but there are some annoying parts, one of which is when you murder someone, everyone in the vicinity will never talk to you unless you issue a jest scroll/spell on them, which are hard to come by. This has really delayed my progress a lot.

Wow, just wow!

Played this game for about 4 hours and it is amazing!

Graphics are great, nice physics.

Great voice actors, but some cheesy animations in parts.

Fun rpg elements like gathering, appretenceship, and hunting, etc, etc.

Also the combat system is nice, almost a AoC feel, its hard to tell when an enemy is attacking though.

And i have to agree with Killgroup, i stole a beer and i had the whole town on my arse.

Other than that this game gets a 8.5/10 from me.

Indeed, the thief system is annoying, but meh, that's one of the few flaws it has. And DOOM is right, some animations are quite cheesy...yet again, this is quite minor compared to what the game has to offer!

I thought I was playing Age of Conan single player when it started. Washed up on beach, have to find way to city, guards won't let you in....sounds strangely familiar.

ive been playing risen for a while, idk if its like aoc since i never played it, but its fighting system and leveling is exactly like gothic 3