Rise of Tomb Raider Coming to PC in Early 2016

Good news: The PC is getting Rise of the Tomb Raider in Early 2016
Bad News: PS4 isn't getting it for a whole year.

I personally think timed exclusives are bad. I plan to get it on PC. I do expect the Xbox One version might get a delay because coming out on the same day as Fallout 4 is asking for trouble.

Does this news affect any of you?

It's good news but tbh, these presequel kinda things aren't really Tomb Raider games. I played the last one on the hardest difficulty, didn't die once and it just felt like an adventure game.

I like it better than the originals. Feels like they're going in the right direction. While it isn't too challenging, and the having white paint spattered on everything is a buzzkill. They could still make some great platforming with the current games. Not to mention the atmosphere is great. The only complaint I have about the game is that every 5 minutes she rolls down a hill and starts having orgasms. I have to turn down the volume, or my wife might think I'm spanking my lizard.

Tomb Raider lost what made it great. Just because something looks better doesn't make it better. The game play just blows and is oversimplified to the point you cant even get lost.

ill be honest, I am much rather wanting to play the upcoming uncharted lol.
While i think timed exclusives are dumb, it is better than not getting it, i guess.

but a full year wait for Playstation? sony should just straight up deny them from releasing it on the PS4.... see if their microsoft payout was worth the absence of PS4 sales. it would stick it to them, and besides, who is gonna buy tomb raider on PS4 a year later? it will have to come with all the DLC, and be like $40 lol.

not sure why microsoft bought out an exclusivity with Tomb Raider though. They should just release Halo 5 on pc one year later they would make millions and millions of dollars. I mean, i know they want people to buy xboxes.. but shit.... money is money.

Just played through 1-3 on PS3. It was great, #2 was my favorite out of the 3 uncharted games.