Rise of the Triad Glitch

I don't know if anyone else is having this problem, but I'm having an issue connecting to multiplayer games with Rise of the Triad. Every time I click on a server it allows me to pick a character, and it shows a loading screen after that saying it's connecting to the server. This loading screen only lasts about a second or two, and then it backs out the the main menu.

I thought an update might fix the problem, but either my update launcher doesn't work or they're still on version 1.0. When I try to click on update when the launcher pops up...well simply nothing happens. The update button doesn't even light up like the rest of them do when I hover the mouse over it.

I bought this game for the multiplayer, and now I can't play multiplayer. Anyone know what the problem could be?

I bought it through gog.com btw, so it's not affiliated with steam at all.


I heard the updates for nonsteam versions were going to be a little bit behind. The devs said when there is an update available for the nonsteam versions, the update button will glow.

Chances are, you haven't gotten your update yet. Shouldn't be too long from now though. They're doing what they can.

pistol is correct. the updates just are not out for non-steam, and all the servers, just about, are updated


Well that's a tad annoying. Kind of wish I had just bought it through Steam now.