Rise of the Tomb Raider now on Linux

Linux release April 19th.

Interestingly it says it supports vive. Supposed to use vulkan too.

I’ll give it a go and report back.


Interesting release time with some of the Vulkan shader shenanigans on the NVIDIA beta driver, which it actually requires. Hopefully performance is solid from the get-go.

has anyone noticed MAc OS has lower system requirements?
What is up with that?

Probably able to optimise it / test it on the smaller number of builds, whereas other platforms may be bottlenecked in many ways, so probably hedging their bets by increasing minimum requirements

I’ve got no real interest in TR, but I’ll probably pick it up to encourage Linux releases, putting my money where my mouth is…

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Probably gonna pick it up at some point. But not full price.

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Such a shame that Feral Interactive forces you to use Steam. Guess I won’t be playing Tomb Raider anytime soon.

Rather give Valve my money than CDPR any day. No GOG Galaxy on Linux, and no plans to port their games to Linux. Valve on the other hand has supported Linux for years and contributes a ton of work to improving open source drivers and gaming on Linux as a whole.


Feral has a download link on their website. Does it redirect to steam?

Fine print says you need a Steam account to activate the game, so yeah.

On their About Us page, they state that they:

We are fortunate to enjoy close relationships with superb developers and publishers such as 2K, SEGA, Square Enix, TT Games, Codemasters, Creative Assembly, Crystal Dynamics, Firaxis Games, Kalypso Media, Io-Interactive, Avalanche, Relic Studios, Eidos Montréal, and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

They port peoples games, so if the publisher says they only want their game on steam then they have no choice. Harp on them, not Feral.

I imagine the conversation goes something like this.

Feral: “We would like to port X to linux.”
Pub: “Sure! We just need you to agree to these terms.”
Feral: “Okay, sure.”


Game is on sale for $19.79

The 20 year edition was just £13.99, including base game, so maybe the base game itself might be a good enough price already?

It did come out a while ago (2016 maybe?)

I am still waiting on a modern version of the oldschool game. I might die before I see that.

The new Tomb Raiders should be renamed to Tomb Raider on Rails :slight_smile: I really want a modern ( meaning modern graphics with the old school map style and game play. If you can not back yourself into a corner, miss something vital that advances the game or just wander around lost for a few days trying to figure out what you missed. Not old school. Puzzles need to be challenging and matched well.

Damn, Crystal Dynamics took some time to release the Linux version, glad they did!
Got the game for free back when i bought my GTX970 as a bonus deal but only got to play it when i already had my GTX1060, really good game, kept me well planted to the seat just like the 2013 reboot.

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Okay, tried the game last night, and it ran well.
Didn’t run a FPS counter, but was smooth at 1440p on a 980ti, with a 1700x running stock.
As @thevillageidiot mentioned, it is a game on rails, designed to look pretty, and it does work.
Feels optimised for console, so might try it with a steam controller/Xbox controller tonight, but is a nice, easy time waster.
Also hope the puzzles get harder as the game goes on.
Definitely seems worth half price, even after 2 years

One of the DLCs is a VR thing, the actual game has no VR support.


Keep talking and nobody explodes was on sale and supports vr, grabbed that too.

This seems like one of their best ports yet, at least on the level of Mad Max.

Getting a very smooth experience at 1440p on a GTX 1070, 4930k at 4.4 Ghz.

Running fine on the 390.48 drivers, not using 396 because it’s not in the arch repos yet.