Rise of the Chibson (Fake Gibson guitars) Rant

So I have been seeing a lot of "Chibson" , a name given to Gibson style guitars that come from China, these guitars, aesthetically are indistinguishable from real Les Pauls, SGs and to a lesser degree, Firebirds, ESs. To a person unused to playing or feeling these guitars, they can be very convincing. Those who know them, know most of these guitars lack the weight of a true Gibson, which are notoriously heavy. Often these guitars get to the states from someone who wants the LOOK of a paul, and will ACTUALLY PAY MORE to take it to a repair shop to fix these guitars up.These people KNOW they are buying fakes
For a $350 chibson, a person will often need:
Fret Dress and polish-$150 without binding
New pickups if one of the pickups is not potted correctly-$120 for set of two "Decent" ones. + Labor ($75)
Full setup-$30-$60 depending on area.
New volume and tone pots -$48 for name brand (switchcraft) + Labor (should be included in Pickup install)
Nut $10 + Labor $15
Tuners $40 +labor $45
Toggle switch $15 +Labor (should be included in pickup install)
Bridge $75-$130 depending on brand and model + Labor ($25) up to $200 (if routing is required because you want a Floyd rose bridge UGH)

I have played a Chibson like the one fixed up above, and no doubt, it played well and sounded alright.
however its final cost was $973!!!!!

That's right. To compare, a second hand mid 2000's LP studio CAN be had for around $500-$800
a REAL GIBSON can be had for less that what it takes to get one of these Chibsons to not destroy your hand faster than a star wars film.
I WILL grant that you will NOT get the model the Chibson is imitating for anywhere close to that price.

But my biggest complaint about them, is that too often, the temptation is too great to sell these axes for what SEEMS like a great deal. Something like this "'59 Gibson Les Paul ONLY $1,500!!" and some poor kid buys the thing thinking he/ she is getting a great deal. Only to find out that what they bought is a fake. Sometimes, in the case of Fenders, the fakes are so good, only taking the neck off will reveal the guitars true identity.
Yes, it is up to the buyer to be a smart buyer. But there is really only so much you can really ask a seller to do.

Gibaons are not REALLY worth the coin they want for them, nevertheless, a flood of fakes makes the market value drop for real guitars. I am just waiting for the flood of Chibanez, Chi Bee richs and others when they figure out those guitars can be made even more cheaply and that people do not suspect those as fakes as readily.

I am not coming down hard on "Chinese made guitars" rather I am coming down on the DIRECT COPIES coming out of China. Granted, these will not trick most collectors out there, but they will trick a significant portion of the public. ESPECIALLY when cheaper guitars become cloned and the collectors are not looking at them very often.

Every so often, these guitars get confiscated at customs. But for every 1 that gets caught hundreds more make it through.

What do you guys think? What would be the allure of a Chibson for you? Would you buy one? Why?

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I don't even play a guitar and I was reading all about this and watching videos about this in the past year. Interesting stuff.

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Nope. Because I'm not really interested in having a real Gibson let alone a fake. The only thing that would make me stop playing my beloved Godin would be a custom guitar built to my exact specs. But to each their own.

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14 dollars at costco for 20 of these in 12 years for hilarious clay birds.


Thats great, what does it have to do with Fake Gibson guitars?

Buy a whole shit load of them when they cost 30 cents as spare shit stock at costco and piss off the neighbors thinking I'm using real gibsons as clay birds.

Costco may be in a pretty big pickle trying to sell these in the US.