Ripping Audio CDs in Linux

So back in the old days of Windows I would use Exact Audio Copy, dbPowerAmp, and MP3Tag for all my audio CD ripping needs.

I’ve been using Spotify for the last two or three years, but I’d like to get back to my own music library. I’ve still been buying CDs of stuff I like, but haven’t done anything with them.

Anyone have experience ripping CDs in Linux? I’m not going for archival FLAC, just good quality MP3 is all I need. Are there any good FFMPEG scripts? How about tagging?

Use Brasero or K3b. They work great for ripping or burning. I use them all the time. I prefer K3b of the two, as it works with ISO’s better.


i use Exact Audio copy with WINE for the most accurate rip. For tagging i use MusicBrainz Picard, however Picard tags files by album release. This might not be optimal for simple file tagging with basic information

I could not get Brasero installed on my main desktop because of dependency issues. I have a test box with Kubuntu on it and I tried K3b and it works very nice. The tagging isn’t very robust, so I will be trying either EasyTag or puddletag.

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Nice. I haven’t found a great all encompassing solutions, so I usually have to rely on a cohort of tools.

I use Sound Juicer. It’s a dead simple GTK app, but it has enough tweaks to make it functional. If lame is present on your system, it supports encoding to MP3, as well as FLAC and Ogg and a few other common ones. VBR is also supported, with some quality level tweaks.

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MP3tag also works very well on Wine, but for tag fetching, I prefer Musicbrainz Picard these days.

Tagging is slightly better, and I like the interface a bit more. The one thing Picard doesn’t do as well as MP3tag is bulk renaming and moving, which is why I know Mp3tag works well under Wine.

My workflow absolutely sucks, but switching between them does exactly what I want, and I don’t rip CDs often enough to write something better.

+1 to Sound Juicer, it’s an excellent and mature project.

my favorite cd ripping program is asunder cd ripper which is included in the repositories of pretty much every linux distro. very easy to learn how to operate it and comes with a ton of features if you want to get more in-depth. it also does mp3, flac, ogg, aac, wave, and some not so common ones too.