Ripjawsx vs vengeance

Corsair Vengeance 8GB(2x4) 1600MHz for 49,46€ (67,03$)

CL=9  (9-9-24)

G.Skill RipJavsX 8GB(2x4) 2133MHz for 55,26€ (74,89$)

CL=11 (11-11-30)


I will use my PC 75% for gaming. Which kit should I buy?

Are G.Skill ram better than Corsair ram?

What processor?

well, still deciding between AMD FX 8350 and Intel i5 3570K

I would say G.Skills beause they look more awesome... no really they higher speed and your not getting benefit from lower cast latency when gaming.


Let me explain the logic to all the people who wonder the same question lower castlatency or higher frequency! Frequency is the speed that you will load the files to ram and the latency is the time that it takes befor you can start loading those files in to the ram, so say when your gaming your loading few bigger files in to the ram there for the latency does not come in such a big effect. When on the other hand lets say you were rendering which requires computer to load lots of smaller files there is where you will get the benefit of having lower cast latency!

Conclusion: Higher frequency is better for gaming and Lower cast latency is only needed with programs that use lots of ram swap memory

The FX series processors handle up to 1866 frequency ram. The 3570k will handle up to 1600. If you go with the 3570k, pair ti with the vengeance. If you go for an 8350, get this-

I'm not an expert. This is basically just what I read right off the company websites. Idk if OCing can increase the frequency the memory controller can handle of whatever, but I'd basically just suggest getting the fastest frquency speed with the lowest cas latency possible.


3570k- 1600 ram

8350- 1866 ram

Sorry mate you have been screwed over i am tunning G.Skill Ripsjaws at 1833 MHz no prolem and with the new ivy pridge prosessor the memory controller should not be the bottle neck you can go up to 2188 MHz

Just looking at intels website. lol. I'm not saying that higher memory frequencies are incompatible, I'm just saying the processor wont take full advantage of it.

well it is not officially announced but even logan uses faster than 1600MHz Ram on the test bench and it is running i5-3570K