RIP Windows XP, Does my grandma now need Windows 7?


my Grandma runs Windows XP on her AMD 1.6 Ghz Single Core CPU with 512MB of ram. Does she need to upgrade now or will she be fine with a good anti virus program? 


Good that like 70% of all german ATMs run XP. We are doomed!!!

She literally cannot upgrade to Windows 7, given her specs. Windows 7 would probably cost more than the components for a better rig, assuming you purchased used components.

To answer your question, she probably would be fine with good antivirus but why bother when you can just install a Linux distro, have better performance and not have to worry about viruses?

linux would be the way to go for your grand mama

ACTUALLY  windows 7 could be installed but would run slowly. up grade it to 1gb ram makes a huge difference. None of the people here have ever modified windows 7 to install and run on 256mb of ram, Or gotten the iso size down to 651 mb. I suggest ubuntu as its linux for N00bz.

But a user coming from Windows XP? Unity is pretty foreign from the XP UI, not to mention it's not a good interface by its own right. I would think that Linux Mint Cinnamon Edition might be a better choice.

No you aren't doomed. Microsoft is continuing security patches for embedded systems until 2016. 

I feel KDE is fairly close to windows UI wise

She just needs a pc with chrome or firefox on autostart. Maybe openoffice once a month. I have used Ubuntu myself a few  time, so I guess I will install that for. I want to Thank you all for your help.

Ons word: ReactOS

It's the open source clone of Windows XP.