RIP Stan Lee

Stan Lee passes away today at 95.




Aw. His cameos gave even the shitty films a chuckle for me.


RIP, he brought me many hours of entertainment.


Very sad. His work and inspired work got me through the darkest of times in my life. I didn’t have a T.V., a bed, a dollar to my name, but I had a bundle of graphic novels and comic books, mostly House of M, Civil War, etc. on my Dad’s old XP laptop handmedown. Kept the winters warm with joy and the empty nights filled with stories and friends.


I didn’t know where else to put this. Please mods, if you know of a better place, please put it there.

Sadly today the creator of MANY, if not all of the Marvel Universe died this morning. Stan Lee, the creator of great comic book heroes like Spider-Man (personal favorite), Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Black Panther, and many more passed away this morning at Cedar Sinai Hospital.

For many of us Nerds and Techies, his comics were a formative, if not influential part of our lives growing up. His comics were of heroes we could relate to. They had problems like the rest of us. They went through many of the growing pains we go through in life. From girlfriends, to physical and mental health problems, to being able to pay the bills. His characters helped millions of readers be able to cope with their lives because they saw a hero like them. I know that definitely was me growing up.

So I think many of us should take a moment and if not pray for his family, at least give a moment of silence in respect for the wonderful things this man did throughout his career for his fans, and for the comic book industry.

I actually met him in a mall once in Minnesota when I was about 10 years old. He had just finished a comic book signing and was walking through the food court. He noticed me sitting on one of the tables, silently by myself. He must have noticed something was up. I was lost, and couldn’t find my parents. He sat down next to me, got me to give him my name. He was so kind, and gentle. He finally got me to tell him why I was upset and looked so scared. He helped me find my parents and signed my copy of Spider-Man I was there to buy. Sadly I lost this during a fire when I was older. But I’ll never forget the kindness he showed in helping me find my mom and her boyfriend.

Back then I didn’t really understand he was THE STAN LEE. Never really realized that he was the man who created the comic book I was reading. Even though his name was on it. Wasn’t till I was older that I realized who he was. And I’ve always wanted to meet him again, and thank him for that act of kindness he showed a scared 10 year old.

I hope he didn’t suffer. I hope he got to at least leave the world happy knowing how many lives he touched through his work. And got to go out with dignity and decorum.