Rig Transformation-advice needed

Hey guys, i have a chance to rebuild my system for no cost, actually it's a chance to transfor from AMD to Intel. My current set up is fx 6300 on 990FXA-GD65 mobo by MSI + 8gigs vengeance pro 1600MHz which i am using for around year. The new system would be: Intel Core i5-4670K on Z97-K Asus mobo + 16gigs vengeance pro 2133MHz + Corsair H75 Liquid Cooler as a bonus (yep, no cost at all..and all parts brand new). I did built a few AMD systems but don't know much about Intel so please let me know if there is anything god/bad that i should know about this intel cpu and mobo, also maybe i should try to sell the i5-4670K and try to get a newer one like Core i7-4790K Devils Canyon ?? Thanks in advance !

Nice combo especially for free. You wont encounter any issues - just dont bend any socket pins. Without knowing your exact purpose for this system I cant say that going for the i7 is worthwhile. The i5 will be more than sufficient for gaming for a few years to come.

Well its a realy nice setup for free, basicly  you are fine with your 4670K, the 4690K is basicly totaly the same damm thing, with an improved TIM, but this is still no guarantee for a better overclock succes.

The archtitecture on both chips is totaly the same, so its not worth it, to sell that 4670K that you get for free, and invest more money into the 4690K, because you wont notice any diffrence in gaming

Grtz Angel ☺

Rig is mainly for audio creation and gaming, also will be used for videos rendering and web development so i think i'll be fine. I just can choose between i5 4670K + Z-97K + H75cooler or FX-8350 + Asus Sabertooth 990FX. Well i will trust Intel this time (time to learn more about their gear :)) and eventually upgrade with 6core chip after a while if needed, thanks !

I guess i'll give i5-4670K a chance for a while and when i will have some spare money (and feel the need) in future then  maybe upgrade the chip, greets !

In gaming you will not notice a difference. You will see it in everything else. If you are willing to wait a bit longer i5 is totally fine. Considering that it is free - don't sell it and spend money for i7.

However as far as I know, Intel 6 cores are only on 2011 socket, and this system is based around 1150 socket.

Right, i forgot bout this little detail...(as i wrote, still need to learn about intel gear) well, cpu and mobo for next eventual upgrade then, which moves the next upgrade far forward in future :), thanks !