Rig, not posting after adding GPU

So this is the second time it's really happened to me, but when it happened the first time it literally just fixed itself, after a few reboots trying to figure out whats wrong.

once with my R7770, and the second time with my GTX750, I don't understand it at all, I have looked over it I don't know how many times all the wires are placed perfectly and pushed all the way in. literally the only way I fixed it with the R7770 was just pulling the thing out then back in multiple times till the thing just magically worked.

Back then I could have gotten my computer to post, by using the on-board gpu, but my new mobo doesn't have any display ports and my cpu doesn't have an on-board gpu (FX6300) to top things off the GTX750 doesn't use any power pins from the power supply. and its not like my power supply can't feed it, it's a 750watt psu, so I doubt that's the problem.

I can't really troubleshoot anything or mess with the Bios because I can't get it to display the post screen to even get to the bios. I know all the parts work because I have used them before in other computers. So I am really at a lose on what I should be doing.

Any ideas on what I should be doing next would be pretty cool!

Could just be a dead PCI-e slot

At first I thought this, but wouldn't that mean I wouldn't work for the second slot either? And the new mobo worked fine with the R7770, It just doesn't want to accept my GTX750, and my old mobo works fine with my GTX750.

Is there any real way to text a PCIE slot?

So why not just use the 7750 in the rig? Otherwise I've no clue why that would happen.

Performance, sound, the GTX750 is just an overall better card than my old R7770. that and it would be a waste of money if I just left the GTX750 and used it like a coaster like logan.

Thanks for the idea's though, I appreciate the help.

hmmmm, do you have ANY way to test any of the hardware on any other systems?

-Try clearing CMOS
-Try reseating your RAM, or place it into different DIMM slots... I know that sounds strange, but I've had things like that happen to me before
-Check to see that nothing is shorting to ground anywhere with your cables (exposed wiring, punctured cables, etc)
-Try different SATA data cables for your hard drive(s)
-Try all PCI-E slots the card will slot in to
-Check to see if the GPU will let another system POST
-Check to see if the PSU will power on another system

That's just what I could think of off the top of my head, and is pretty much the least invasive set of things I could think to do with a situation like this. Does your motherboard have any LED indicators to let you know of any issues, or does it have a spot to hook up a case speaker to so you can listen to the beep codes? Sometimes those codes can tell you what exactly is going on.

-How would I go about clearing the CMOS?
-I'll try moving the RAM around, I hadn't thought about that.
-The cables are all fine, none are pinched or really damaged.
-I tried the second PCIE slot, but its still a no go.
-the new GPU post's on my older motherboard.
-and lastly the PSU is fine.

The motherboard does have an LED but it doesn't flash or anything it just lights up green to show that it has power. And sadly I don't have any of those little speaker things that plug into the motherboard.

It's not really an "overall better" card, actually. It's nearly equivalent.

Maybe you should just sell both and get a much newer card?

Clear CMOS is gonna be slightly different per motherboard, but your board manual should tell you how to do that.

I didn't know, Well this makes me feel pretty stupid if I am quite honest. but even if I did sell both cards, I most likely won't have enough money to justify the selling them.

I am currently saving up money for a 970, so I am pretty hesitant when it comes to spending money.

Alright I'll look into it, by the way if you're curious on what motherboard it is, its the ASUS M5A97 R2.0

A 390 is a better card than a 970, and you'd save money on a free-sync display vs G-sync in the future

Is it really a big difference, and what about TDP, I know it's kinda stupid to ask that considering I have a 750watt, but I thought that the newer AMD cards are super power hungry?

Difference in a gaming load is going to be around 50W or something like that, and it's especially faster at higher resolutions, but really you should probably just save up and buy a whole new rig at some point as unless it's OC'd the 6300 is going to hold you back in some games.

I'll watch those as soon as im done, trying these things Maniac said, I ran a 10-15% OC on the 6300, I think it was like 4.2GHz or 4.3Ghz with the easy OC that my Asrock Mobo had. not sure if that was enough to outweigh the drawbacks though.

Well, first, always check GPUBoss when considering a new card ;)

That'll tell you how much of an upgrade it is, which you can then balance against the cost.

Second, green first -- GTX 750s are selling for ~$100 on Amazon, so you'd probably be able to get ~$80 out of it. Red -- It looks like people are selling R 7750s for anywhere from $100 to $wtf, so another ~$80 let's assume. That's $160. Scrape together only a few more dollars and you could get one of these:


That's an R9 380 with 4GB of VRAM, which is a damn nice card. It's a damn sight nicer than even the GTX 750 Ti (which I only mention because GPUBoss defaulted to it when I typed in GTX 750 and I'm too lazy to redo the search):

Also, according to TechPowerUp (who I don't really know much about, but it's a detail of fact not an opinion or prediction) the TDP is: 190W which I feel is quite reasonable. You should be fine with a 750W PSU.

Also, I used Newegg's PSU calculator (which I've had no problems with) and plugged in your CPU, the 380, and average hw otherwise (8GB DDR3, DVD-RW drive, 1 7200RPM HDD) and it spat out a total of 627W. With any sort of 80+ PSU you would be just golden.

Also, the 6300 will hold you just fine for 3-5 years to come at least.

what about driver wise, is the new crimson update any good? And Err would it make a huge difference if I had a water cooling AIO, and three HDD's? I highly doubt more ram would make a difference but ill say it just encase im wrong, I have 12GB of ram (1x 8GB, 1x 4GB)

I just wanted a 970 for future SLI with DX12's Vram doubling.

I'm running the new crimson stuff now, actually. I've had 0 issues with the drivers. I kind of dislike that they're moving away from Raptr/Gaming Evolved but whatever, it's not a core thing.

As far as power... upping the HDDs and RAM only gets you to 658W.

If you went for a second 380 down the line for CF, you'd need a new PSU, because that does push it over.

However... 4GB is more than enough for 90% of the games on the market. Do you do heavy modding?

The tool, btw: http://images10.newegg.com/BizIntell/tool/psucalc/index.html