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Richard Stallman Forced Out of the FSF


This thread is not meant to incite anger, rage, or retaliation. I thought this information was worthy of its own thread outside of a Lounge or off-topic area. This is technology news. We can discuss our thoughts on the matter without resorting to name calling or aggressive actions.

That being said: Can’t be serious.

Official Statement

Media Spin

Richard Stallman is known for having bizarre mannerisms. He has done and said things that have provoked reactions and statements from the community. This time, unfortunately, his behaviors spilled over out of the community.

A mechanical engineer started a movement to remove Richard Stallman from office. Since then, prominent members of the open source, Linux, and *BSD communities challenged the Free Software Foundation to remove Stallman from office.

Looks like it worked.

The consensus seems to be that we can respect his work while not tolerating his behavior. Personally, I didn’t see how it was any worse than what he’s said in the past. Many argued this was the “straw that broke the camel’s back” – Whatever that means.

The original movement:

I vehemently disagree with how this whole thing went down. I have disagreed with Stallman in the past, and even opposed his actions, philosophy, and mantra. However, I think he was a valuable catalyst in the free software culture. He’s easy enough to ignore and is there when/if you need him. The problem is the opposition has grown to be very prestigious figures in the Free and Open Source Software bubble.

Allan Jude
Michael Warren Lucas
Michael Dominick

Are just a few of the ones calling for Stallman’s head and his job. Hopefully they have never made a joke, said the wrong thing, or offended someone in the past, because Karma is a ruthless bitch and “”“justice”"" is apparently swift.


After upsetting a few too many people and demands for his resignation (or removal) RMS has resigned from the FSF.

Whilst his contributions to GNU & free software are to be admired, some of his political views, many of his opinions and his (at times) terrible behaviour towards others not so much.

IMHO as an FSF associate member it was probably time for him to step down anyway; he’s been increasingly out of touch and clearly wishes to campaign on subjects other than free software. I wish him well for the future and hope that FSF is able to positively move forward. Whilst a few people will stop donating over his resignation I’m hopeful it will encourage others to start.


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I disagree with the mob mentality that happened, but his behavior has been less than great historically and presently, so I am not entirely surprised he resigned.

I respect his work, but not necessarily his personality.


It seems being pedantic about sexually abusing children was a step too far. Who knew?


Stallman is a fucking weirdo and the fact that people are upset over what he says just tells me that people care too much about what someone, who eats things picked from their feet, has to say.


Yeah, Stallman’s middle name is pedantic. This lady had no idea who he was and became so unhinged she couldn’t focus on her day to day work. Instead she started a campaign to remove him from an office he’s held for more than three decades. The fact that she gathered such a following and succeeded in her goal in such a short time speaks volumes about the violent Internet culture we live with.



So the sjws are now moving towards foss and linux. What/who is going to be the next victim?

So far we had (from the top of my head):

  • linux code of conduct

  • that one program has an offensive name and I’m uncomfortable

  • some bearded guy voiced his oppinion


Someone needs to MGTOW stallman so he can work it into the GPL somehow.


Although my boss doesn’t eat stuff from between his toes as far as I know, if he made similar remarks that ended up going public I can guarantee he would either be forced to resign by the company or at the very least hushed for a while. A person in an influential position needs to watch what they say, because in the eyes of the public he/she/it represents the organization.


Thats stupid IMO. A person’s livelihood should not be predicated on whether or not the general consensus agrees with an opinion.




It went out of the tech press into nat news

Bill Gates has his own Epstein problem

IMHO Stallman is a minnow, Epstein lead to some Great White Sharks


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Stallman coming into the defense of things like pedophilia especially in the case of Epstein was his own undoing as well.

Nothing says looking like an asshole quite like defending the guy that raped minors. In that sense I am surprised that it took this long considering people on the internet complained about far less.


I have always been of the mind that Stallman was gonna be a problem. He has been a problem for years now.

Linus was treating people like crap and finally realized he needed to treat people better if he was going to keep his job. And honestly, what is wrong with people expecting their peers treat them with at LEAST respect?

Basic human respect?

Which Stallman has NEVER done. If you don’t subscribe to his viewpoint, he treats you like utter and complete crap. The fact that people looked the other way because he helped create the Open Source movement, is horrifying to me.

He should have been put in his place YEARS ago. Am glad he’s finally reaping the results of his horrible treatment of people. It’s been far too long.


You say that from a place of neurotypical privilege, try to understand contextually what he’s dealing with here.


What do you mean by neurotypical advantage exactly?

The whole thing is not that much different than a red flag law really. Take anything anyone says out of context that might be against the norm and boom, no more job for you.

Especially so if you are on the spectrum and have strange opinions anyway.


I don’t think he came to the defense as much as asked for clarification.

As mentioned above, handling people with special needs, autism, Asperger’s, etc. is different than saying “Oh that’s inexcusable no person should say that ban him.”

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