Richard Stallman Explains Everything

I thought this was interesting, though I knew most of it. There's many interesting points, regardless of agreement or not I think many people here probably align with his points in privacy (if not all of them).

(makes me want to switch us to matrix...)


[tangents intensify]

He could have been a little more patient with the host. I know Stallman likes to talk, I don't mind that personally but come on, give a bit more space to the host. It's not a TED talk, just play the dialogue game ffs.

Other than that, good video, I learned some new things.

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RMS is a quirky guy, but I truly respect what he stands for when it comes to free software. Also, I really appreciate the software he and the GNU group has made. I use it all the time.

Nice vid @Eden - thanks for the post. I hadn't seen this one before.

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