RHEL7 Desktop or CentOS for VM

Okay so I am doing Linux Academy course at the moment for LPIC 1, and I want to use a VM so I can have my own server and mess around with the systems, I want to do this outside of their own labs.

Now I know in terms of these two, RHEL7 is at the top of the food chain, it has patches and improvements installed before CentOS has, and at some point I may do a RHEL qualification, so should I purchase a desktop subscription, or just get CentOS?

What extra do I get with RHEL7 over CentOS, in terms of programs that are designed for setups, KVM and docker.

Ideas pleaseĀ 


all you get with rhel7 is updates and that's it. everything else is pretty much the same. without going back and looking at it, i am 99.9999% sure you can get everything done that is needed for rh certifications with centos. as far as VMs go i run both centos7 and 6.5, i mean why not.