RGB Gaming and Productivity PC

Use will be for general Gaming and Video editing in Premier in Windows. Will also do some compiling and light gaming in Linux, thus the two ssds.


Ideally tried to keep all the RGB compatible with each there so I can link it to Razer peripherals and Phillip’s hue lights for my office.

Edit: updated the mobo

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I like it, but think that mobo will be ok tho?

Any issue with it? Not super knowledgeable with mobos. Trying to stay MSI for the RGB though.

I am not an expert either but all the mobo reviews/round ups no one had anything nice to say about the MSI 570 boards…
Let call in the expert.

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The Gaming Edge is a 8+2 phase VRM layout, with the 8 having been doubled. The MOSFETs are low RDS, so they should actually stay cooler compared to “normal” MOSFETs.

If you jump up to the Gaming Pro Carbon you get a 10+2 VRM, with the 10 having been doubled. The MOSFETs are apparently less efficient as far as I can tell, so it might be a moot point compared to the Gaming Edge?

That’s if you plan on overclocking. If you are staying stock you probably wouldn’t notice a difference.

Other perk of the Gaming Pro Carbon is the better networking. Intel NIC and Intel AX200 WiFi. $40 more for the board though.


I am going to stay stock speeds and give some cooling headroom for the boost clock.

Edit $40 ain’t bad I want the Intel NIC easier to deal with in Linux.

Yeah, non of the Msi x570 boards are really compatitive,
at any price really.
I indeed have nothing really good to say about their boards indeed.

  • Msi X570-A pro.
  • Msi x570 Gaming plus.
  • Msi x570 Gaming edge.
  • Msi x570 Gaming pro Carbon.

Those boards are all kinda rubbish when it comes to their vrm implementations indeed.
But of course it kinda depends on which particular cpu you wanne use on it.
But if you want to run a 3900X on it for example then yeah it will become an issue with those boards.
And aside from that, at the price points of those said boards,
there are simply better boards to find.

Not all Msi x570 boards suck vrm wise.
It does get decent from the x570 Unify and up.
However given the price points of those boards,
and comparing them feature wise to other brands.
Then i can only say that other brands offer a nicer package for similar money.

  • Msi x570 unify.
  • Msi x570 Meg Ace.
  • Msi x570 prestige creation.
  • Msi x570 Godlike.

Those boards have a decent vrm.
However like i said comparing them feature wise to other brands,
in my opinion they don’t really make much sense to me.
But of course prices might vary in the area people live.

The Msi x570 Unify in particular is basically an compatitive board.
However the main complain i personally have about it,
is that it comes with a realtek nic, instead of intel.
Some people might not care about it.
But to me it’s not acceptable at the a $300,- + price point that is.

So yeah i mean i honnestly cannot really say anything positive about Msi x570 lineup.
Sure their higherend boards are decent.
But like i said at the competition there are simple better boards to be find.
Where i live the x570 MEG Ace costs the same as the Gigabite x570 Aorus Master like €385,-
So yeah i mean the Master is simply a better board.

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To continue my Msi comparison.

The Msi x570 prestige creation pretty expensive board where i live.
It sits around the €450 to €500,- price point.
But yeah comparing it to the Asrock X570 Creator,
the Asrock Creator is simply a nicer board with significantly more features.
And then looking at Msi´s top dog x570 Godlike,
if you look at the rear io, then you already know what i mean.
That board is getting into price theratory of the Gigabyte x570 Aorus Extreme.
And again the Extreme is simply a better board in every way.

So yeah idk, nothing that Msi has to offer is really appealing to me.

I could go another brand but MSI seems to be the only company that makes compatible x570 boards and 2080 super that will work with Razer Chroma/Phillip’s Hue.

Outside of price which seems to be the sticking issue is there anything functionally wrong with the board?

I tweaked a bunch of stuff.


  • I dislike AIO coolers, and the Dark Rock Pro 4 is on sale for $80 right now.
  • Gaming Pro Carbon because everybody needs some Blue Team in their builds
  • Cheaper memory that seems to be compatible with every type of RGB
  • Cheaper $/GB SATA SSD
  • Couldn’t find the warranty on the Sabrent NVMe SSD in the 1.2 seconds I looked
  • And the P400A Digital because air flow and RGB. PCPartPicker doesn’t seem to have it listed yet.

I have no idea how Razer/Philips RGB integrates with other products, so I don’t know if the RGB stuff I picked is compatible.

EDIT: Looking at it again I’m not sure on the fitment of the Dark Rock Pro 4 in that case. AIO will fit easily though.

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Well the four boards i listed above,
the Gaming pro Carbon for example functionally there isn’t anything wrong with them i guess.
However like i said vrm implementations on those boards are kinda lackluster.
But as long as you stick to an 8 core it wouldn´t be an issue.
However i cannot really recommend them for a 3900X really.

Like i said vrm wise at Msi it’s getting really decent from the Unify and up.
And the Unify in particular does offer a nice package.
I personally just don’t like the realtek lan implementation.
There is likely nothing wrong with it.
But yeah, generally my personaly experience with realtek nic’s.
I just like intel nic’s better.

But yeah if you can life with a realtek nic.
Then sure the Unify would be a good board.
It’s basically the only board at a reasonable price compared to its compatitors.
That offers a decent vrm, and an okay set of connectivity.

The Trident memory should be fine. The Bequite cooler would need a fan swap out but would be cheaper than the AIO.

I’m not sure of the fitment of the Dark Rock Pro 4, but an alternative would be the Scythe Fuma 2. The Fuma 2 isn’t as pretty, but it’s cheaper, shorter, and performs in the same pack as the DRP4 and Noctua NH-D15. You’ll need RGB fans again though.

Well yeah those Onsemi 4c029N and 4c024N´s are low rds on.
However that board has been tested with a 3900X,
and as aspected it performed terrible.
And yeah honnestly at the price point of that said board,
i mean where i live that board costs about the same as boards,
like the Asus X570 Tuf gaming plus, Asus X570-F-strix,
and the Gigabyte X570 Aorus pro wifi.
Which are simply better boards in my opinion then the Gaming Edge wifi.

Hence even the Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite for like €190,- has a “significally” better vrm,
then the Msi X570 boards upto the Gaming pro Carbon.
But that particular board might be a little bit bare bones in terms of features.
Of course vrm isn´t everything, features of course also matter allot.
It just depends on use case scenario’s and what said people need of course.

I mainly make a comparison in terms of features, vrm’s and price points,
to make a list of boards i could recommend at certain different price levels.
I cannot really fit any Msi board in my list, except for the Unify maybe. :slight_smile:

Ok, made a few small changes with the build change memory and storage to your recommendations @w.meri

Decided to stick with RGB with the cooler.

I am running a 3800x in this build not a 9600x OC3d said it was pretty middle of the pack after the AGESA update.

Yeah like i said with a 3700X / 3800X, it should be perfectlly fine.
I mean those chips will draw like a 120A ish of current when pushed.
So yeah in that regards that board will be fine.
But like i said it’s not really a great board for like a 3900X,
that can draw like 180A + when pushed.
Because even though this particular board has 10 phase using QA3111N6N powerstages.
But those powerstages aren’t particulary great.
Still more then decent enough for a 3800X.


Well thank you all for the input placed the orders for the parts.

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