RGB Fans

I am going to rebuild my current workstation taking it out the entho evolv atx and utting it in the new atx glass edition. So thought I may as well RGB it up seeing as it has all that glass.

So does anyone have any opinions and experience with RGB fans? looking at the Corsair ones and the thermatake ones.

Mainly want....

Full RGB with good whites and red colours
Tidy cables
discreet hub with controller.
able to turn them off
good software

Thermaltake Riing. Comes in a triple pack with a hub to control it all

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yeah and a fair bit cheaper than corsair...

Gonna have to remove that tacky thermatake logo sticker from the fans though...

Also i dont see normal AF style fans only high pressure, I guess its not too much of an issue though?

They have some normal AF fans but they are only one cooler LED and don't Roark on the hub. The ones that come with the hub have a quite setting if you want to just use them as normal case fans.

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But some of your favorite fans. Any brand. Go to autozone or the equivalent. Ask for pain to paint your dashboard of your car. Paint your fans with it.

But paint is not colour changing RGB LEDs.

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I am a fan of RGB fans.

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That may be true, and what I said nay not be the exact solution, but it was just an option.

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$90+ for three fans.

That makes my stomach churn.

Just get some 5050 RGB LED strips, lol.

+1 to the cheapo RGB LED strips. You can get a whole package for 20 bucks.

I found an old video of the leftover roll I had. I initially bought these for ambient lighting behind my monitor, but as you can see I still have a very, very lengthy amount.

Grab some fractal design white/black fans to reflect the color and be on your way.

RGB is all the rage atm. Im sure all the the brands will have versions only soon. It would be good to get the ones that use standard RGB connectors that daisy chain fan to fan. That way with the new MB's coming out you can control the color from the Motherboard. I think the Thermaltake is a custom setup.

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Nothing like that is available for fans yet. Good colours, mhe not always but might happen. Software to control the RGB light for fans is nothing that exists. Also keep in mind that those RGB controllers for fans need to be placed inside the case so they're out of reach most of the time (unless you route the cable out somehow). Also cycle through colours and dial in the one you like with something analog is a bit of a pain the butt in my opinion.
Regarding what fan to choose I think the Thermaltake ones are better looking, more descrete, will not make your PC looking like an 80s disco and they're not crazy expensive.

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