Revo drive or SSD? Opinions?

when it comes to solid state memory nothing compairs when speed is in question. Im currently looking to build a mini itx OR micro atx PC. If i go micro atx Im thinking of a revo drive... Not sure if i should though. i see that performance is amazing with those drives but i also read a lot of mixed feelings and oppinions on it as well. 


I guess what im asking is what do you guys think? is the price worth performance? will i notice a vast difference in real world applications like boot up or other things? is a revo drive over kill? Stats on paper are nice to look at but usualy dont mean shit in real life. Price is a huge issue for me but so is performance. 

so what  are your oppinions and feelins on this? 

EDIT: I also plan on using this machine for photography and video edditing by the end of the year as well as the gaming!  

I choose SSD's, i think REVO drives are just a flash in a pan, i heard stories of driver issues too. You also gotta remember that because the revo requires drivers to operate if you have an issue (BSOD) theres a chance you could loose data you were working on along with having to reboot the drivers, with a standard SSD you dont generally get the same amount of risk, the speeds from things ive read arent worth the price premuim.

i also go for the SSD i readed some reviews about that revo drive, that they could not used as a boot drive, or causing problems wenn using as the boot drive..

Revo drive - fail. Utter waste of time and money. Those ocz revo drives are a nightmare to get working properly and are riddled with poor quality nand.

Ssd's can be tucked anywhere with a little double sided tape if need be. More reliable, cheaper, rma wont be a hassle and just the complete package.