Revit CAD build

okay i need some help i have a client with a 5,000 budget for a new 3d modeling computer she needs. iam not farmiller with revit and if you guys can help me with what workstation gpu . mostly gonna buy form micro center because its not that far away form my area. can you guys come up with pcpartpicker builds pls

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Does your client just want the tower for this budget or does this also include the entire set-up e.g. monitor, keyboard, mouse etc.?


Do you know what she will be making? Does she need a highly calibrated monitor?

she works for she told me that she does very calierbeate models of furnture for the firm here is render form one of there projects

she said needs two monitors iam right now running 2 25 lg ultra do think there great for cad

I don't know, do you know what model it is? I don't have a huge amount of experience picking really high quality monitors. But I can definitely suggest a good system for that budget.


No problem, It looks like a nice monitor, however I might see if there are some nice higher res monitors at a decent price. I work with CAD models and a high res monitors can be really nice.

what res would you recommend

I'm not sure, I don't think the budget will stretch to good quality 4K, but there is probably a few really nice 1440p monitors out there

ASUS makes pretty great professional monitors

  • PB279Q - 27" 4K IPS ~$630
  • PB278Q - 27" 1440p IPS ~$400
  • PB258Q - 25" 1440p IPS ~$330

Among others. The PB series also has great stands that swivel and flip every which way if the user doesn't have monitor arms.

Sorry, my internet is being super temperamental at the min. So I can't continue the build for now. I might be able to do it in a few hours.
Sorry about this

make sure you get an IPS monitor, i work in an architects office and having the better colors is clutch for making sure samples are the right colors. will be really nice is shes rendering furniture, so materials look as they should.

All my builds are ips, because i need the same stuff.

Is local storage needed or just a boot drive?

If someone could check mainboard and cpu compatibility:
32GB (4x8GB) DDR4-2400 Memory
Samsung 850Evo 250GB Bootdrive
Local Storage WD Black 1TB (Might need more, depending on server setup)
FirePro W8100 OR: Quadro M4000 (Here it really depends on the software used)

To keep the W8100´s noise levels down I recommend good airflow.

I created an example. I didn't know about the storage and the OS, so look through and tell us some more.

I guess the other peripherals she already has? Like mice, keybord and maybe a 3d mice...

iam going to talk and check out the computer that she has will message back after i get hold of you guys thanks a lot