Revision 7 of my soon to be built PC [3k budget]

Hello everyone. This will be my first post on here, so here hoping I get some feedback about my build
Since I'm currently on a MAC(I know, don't hate), I don't have a very large games library. However, once I get this PC(plus whatever modifications come from this post), I plan to start buying all of the top rated games. As such, I want to plan them ALL at above 60 FPS minimum, and at max settings. I know that at 1080p, It'll be very easy, however, I was hoping that i could get a good 1440p/4k monitor, as the 980Ti has more then enough power to run said resolutions. I also plan to get another 980Ti down the road, so that will give a pretty decent boost in performance.

I plan to use this computer to play games, edit, stream, and render(not all at the same time). I'm in the US as well(should be obvious due to the pcpartpicker list, but whatever).

The build itself is a Black/White themed build, as I have a white desk, and a white wall, I think such a build will look very nice.

So here's what I need help with.
1: I need help deciding on a good monitor to use.
2: If you see anything I should change, please tell me. I'm a first time builder, and I've been working on this build for about 2 and a half months now. As such, I want it to be the best it can be before I make the purchase.
3: If you know of better performing parts than what I have, please tell me, but keep them within the black/white color guidelines.

Thanks in advance to any and all replies helping me out.

You build is fine but it's likely overkill. Why wouldn't you pickup a more modern Z170 board from Asus or Gigabyte? There is minimal if any gaming benefit from the 6 cores in the expensive CPU vs a Skylake quad core. An EVGA G2 650W or 750W PSU would be plenty.

Here's a link to explore other options.

Two things.

One, I said in the post that I plan to Stream, render, and edit. such things run faster on 6 core processors.

Two, how is it overkill? I said I want to game at 1440p/4k, and I know for a fact that a 980Ti isn't overkill at 4k. I don't understand your reasoning, please explain.