Revised Build - $1300 budget

I'm still trying to finalize my build from the post I put up a week ago.  After watching the follow-up video about the AMD 8350 I've decided to go with that platform.  I've also convinced the wife to allow me to go to the $1300 budget, but if I can keep it lower than that all the better.  

A few notes on what I've looked for before posting this below.

Here's the build:

1) I know that the SSD will only increase loading times, but that is something I really do want so that's why I have the 256GB model

2) The 600W Power supply is 200W overhead and I feel that should be enough to upgrade slightly in the future.

3) I have no plans to SLI, I don't believe I will be streaming or encoding either, but it's possible  The primary purpose for this rig will be gaming at 1680x1050.

4) I chose the MSI GTX670 from the research I've done on various sites and that particular one seems to be the most recommended, but if a different/better option is out there I'm willing to take a look (preferably same price or below).  As for games that I will be playing, some examples are Dead Space 3, TESV: Skyrim, Borderlands 2, Battlefield 3 and 4, Far Cry 3, and others.

5) Will the fans that come with the NZXT Phantom 410 be enough or should I keep the 4-in-1 fan kit?

6) I also lowered the HDD to a 1TB to not only save a little money, but that's 2x what I had before and I can add more down the road if need be.

All suggestions/opinions are welcome, and thanks again for your time and knowledge!

No real sugestions just a bit of crisism,

that motherboard looks ugly and the intel ram with a amd system feels wrong but thats about it! should be a great build


Hope it helped!

Pretty solid. Since you seem to have some overhead, I would recommend ditching the 4 in 1 fan kit and get some high quality Corsair, Noctua or Scythe fans (just to name a few stellar brands). Not only will they provide better performance but also save you headaches, which are assured to be bundled with those cheap corsair fans (I have a drawer with over 7 of those fans, all died within 1-2 months of acquisition). Also if you can swing it, I would recommend an NZXT Havik 140MM heatsink instead of the Hyper 212, as it provides much better cooling, rivaling and exceeding a large quantity of pre-built liquid coolers. Good Luck with your build :D.

Yeah, I don't disagree with that, but the board has the features that I'm looking for and from the information I've read it seems to be a really good board at the price.  Also, yeah the Intel ram on a AMD board, the irony is pretty funny, but I figure I can support both companies and not be ultra biased, so that's a win-win in my book.  Thanks for your opinion!

The reason I went with the 4 in 1 kit was because of the price, but I'll definately take a look into those brands of fans, I hadn't heard of Scythe brand fans before.  I thought about the Havik 140mm but I can't find any info as to whether it will fit in the Phantom 410.  The second problem is, I'm going to have a hard time fitting that into the price point but I'll see what I can do.  Maybe I can downgrade the case and upgrade the cooler possibly?  Thank you for your time!

I looked up the dimensions on the NZXT site. The Havik 140 is 166mm tall I believe and the Phantom 410 is 215mm wide. That's 49mm of space left minus the 25mm of space that's cable management behind the mobo leaving 24mm. If I did the math right it should fit with a little room to spare. Someone feel free to double check that because I am extremely tired atm... Hope that helped.

That actually helps quite a bit.  Now I just have to try to find a way to fit that, and extra fans into my price point.  Thank you for double checking that!

It's no problem, glad I could help. You could wait on buying extra fans until later, unless you want to OC soon enough that you need them asap. It's hard for me to find a place to cut down on because I like that build the way it is with the Havik on there.

Edit: That link still includes the 4 in 1 fan pack.

Now that I look at it, the rig with the HAVIK is only $1.90 above my budget.  I might have to take the wife out for a really nice dinner and kiss up to her a little but I think I can manage that. - The current build.  As always thoughts/suggestions are welcome.

There is not much changing.

but maybe other ram ?

and maybe the biostar 990 fx its 10 euros cheaper and does the job really good.

and instead of the 670 you could go with the 7970.

if you wanna lease the ssd you could go with a 680 but i know you want the ssd so i would just get a 7970 allong with the ssd.

I suppose I could get a 180GB or a 128GB SSD and upgrade the GPU up to a 7970, when I get home from work tonight I'll give that some thought and play with the numbers.  I figured the 670 would be the best balance of price/performance but it (the 7970) really is only a few dollars more.

As for the Biostar brand I'm not familiar with it at all, is there anyone reading this post that owns one that can vouch for how good they are?

Thank you for your suggestions!

This build is just a modified version of the last one you posted. It has the same Adata model just 128g instead of 256g (not sure if you prefer Adata but I just stuck with them) and a 7970. There are quite a few to choose from at that price point and I'm not sure what brand you prefer if any so I just picked one in the middle of the price point.

Brainstorming off of your idea and an inspiration I had at work, I decided to try to get something between 128GB and 256GB and found a 180GB Corsair SSD with nearly the same speeds as the ADATA.  I also switched the 7970 to the Gigabyte brand as I've used their products in the past and trust them.  I got a lower price and a combo for doing that bringing down the price of the build a bit more which is always a plus.