Review my first build pls

So I have been going for a solid gaming rig and durable (this is why I put a little more into the case for filters , my old laptop died from dust in fan ) the cost range is 850 or less. I went for the ASUS 770 because it sounded solid and I wanted the shadow play feature. I play at only playing at 1080 no higher. I wish to play mostly all games on ultra with 60+ fps (cod , bf4 , lol , watchdogs are things I'm trying to get it with) so my question is how am I doing?should I change anything? I would like to get gpu , case the same thanks! 


Heres what I have :

Good Choice with the CPU

For CPU cooler I would upgrade to the CM Hyper 212 Evo

Solid Motherboard

Good Hard Drive

Good case but in that budget range I would go with the Cooler Mastery HAF 912, It also has dust filters and it is significantly less price.

Replace the PSU with an XFX 550W.  It is enough to power up the whole system, and it is very reliable and a better option than the corsair builder series.

For the GPU, I think the MSI Twin Frozr would be a better option because it is quieter and cools better.

Tell me what you think.

I know its over 850, but i like it so much better. If you wanted to bring the price down just get the 770 you got.

Looks really nice if I don't grab the fractal design case right now because it's on sale I will deff be going with the cooler master one   And I think will be changing the gpu and CPU cooler psu        

Looks like a good build, OP.  If you ever wanted to upgrade the CPU to an 8 core in the future, I would recommend putting in the motherboard Maliktwohundred suggested.