Reusing my questionable PSU for a new build

So. I'm thinking of saving myself the money and using my old power supply which was purchased back in... eerr.. 2008, or 2009? It's an... ahem... Ultra LSP-650 PSU. Is it too worrisome? Is it advisable to NOT use this PSU? It's a 650 watt. Came with LIFETIME warranty (only when registered) So... Yeah. Is this a disaster waiting to happen? What's up? Here's the build. Canadian customer, btw. So if there are any deals in the U.S. It's a no-no for me. :(

I'm hesitant to say it, but if you don't push it too hard, you should be fine. It can do just under 475W on the 12V rail.

Should be ok, now. Errr... 475 Watts? Ouch... Recommended for 970 is 500. And i'd want to push the 6600K to 4.2Ghz. It's a number i'd like to see. No higher, though.

absolutely not....

PSU is first thing to replace when a PC goes south.

Yeah, bad power supply = potential fire.
On the bright side 650 watts is more than plenty for a single card system.
Corsair CX-series and EVGA SuperNova power supplies are good bang-for-the-buck (or loonie, eh) units if you decide to upgrade.

Ultra PSU.... There is an Ultra chance of blowing up replace that ASAP.

Throw that thing in a garbage can somewhere, or sell it to someone. Just make sure you warn them that it's very old and el-cheapo to the extreme.

PSUs with sufficient power are comparatively less expensive then ever. No point in setting your new rig on fire to save 60-70 bux. Just buy whatever is on sale or clearance.

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