Reusing an Operating system


I am building a new pc and I already have a copy of windows 7 home from my old pc. Would I be able to reuse the product key and install it on my new pc as this would save me some money.

It is also a skylake 6700k build with the z170 FTW motherboard would this be a problem with windows 7 because it is a bit older.

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I am not sure about Windows 7 but in the personal use license for Windows 8 it states that:

The source can be found here:


It seems that you cannot reuse Windows 7 on another computer:


If it's a retail version, you can use it again as long as you install the same version of Windows (ie a Home Premium key is ok as long as you install a new Home Premium).
If it's an OEM key on the other hand, you are only allowed to use it on the PC it came with.

While I doubt it would have any issue on your hardware, I definitely have mixed feelings about using Windows 7 in a new build. On one hand, it's an OS that we know works. However, that's the same excuse that keeps the extremely insecure XP around in both the professional and personal worlds. However, my incessant ramblings shouldn't discourage you from using an OS you're comfortable with.

If the Windows 7 key used was OEM (For example, you bought the PC from Dell or custom built on an OEM license.), you cannot (legally) transfer it. If you purchased a retail license, you can transfer it. Of course, I've seen product keys from pre-built PCs work on new builds without issue, but I don't recommend it as you could experience issues in the future. However, worst case scenario, you'd have to buy a new key because your installation of Windows would be "not genuine".

You could always purchase a new Windows product key on reddit ($20-$35 USD) at microsoftsoftwareswap. As far as I can tell, it's a legal transaction. However, as the internet goes, caveat emptor. I've purchased several keys from varying vendors on reddit without issue... yet.

It depends on if it is a retail or OEM key.

I have used several OEM keys on several different computers with almost no problem. I say almost, because on a few occasions I had to call Microsoft to activate the key. It's really simple, though, and all automated. All of my OEM Windows 7 keys still work after many installs.

I've never used a retail key.

Also, Windows 7 will work just fine with skylake.