Reus Indie Game

Thought's and opinions on this fantastic indie game where you play God and control titans to terraform the earth and shape humanity's cultural and civilization evolution? And any recommendations on other quality indie titles that aren't too demanding on mobile processor and graphics card (GTX 560M)? I'm looking for more good games and the quality just amazes me on some of these titles. 


Hotline Miami

Thomas was alone

probably could run some valve games like tf2, portal 2, css or csgo

prison architect



surgeon simulator  

You might want to check out Risk of Rain: it's a singleplayer or multiplayer platformer/survival game. You have different unlockable characters to choose from, each with different abilities. But the main thing about the game is that the longer you take, the harder the game gets. Very fun, and shouldn't be computer-intensive at all.

What do you guys think of these?

Trine 2



Dear Esther