Returning to pc

so after a long time away from a pc, build the last one in 2005 (i own a macbook atm dont hate me for it i had my reasons) i am thinking of giving myself a christmas present and build me a nice pc.

bear in mind i've been almost completely blind to hardware developments and prices since 2008 i think so i have no idea if what im asking price vs quality wise is possible, if not just tell me so and what could be my alternatives.

so lets get to that form shall we

  • i have a budget around1000$ not counting peripherals and software
  • Australia, and ofc Australian dollar
  • Do you need or already have peripherals? (this can add to costs) i have a mouse :P 
  • I will be using this pc for gaming, and photography manipulation in adobe lightroom 4 and photoshop cs6, would love to be able to get some video game recording 
  • no overclocking im not that kind of user i think
  • Do you plan on going for custom watercooling now, or in the future? possibly in the future not decided
  • OS. Do you need a new one? yes, interested in linux stuff however dont have any experience with it so i guess initially windows.

If you Game-

  • id like to be able to play at high settings if better can be achieved great but high is fine
  • What resolution will you be playing at? not sure depends on what kind of monitor i get which im not decided on yet but i guess full hd 1900 x 1080 would be nice but i bet that gets monitors at a higher price point, so as i said not sure yet.
  • the fun part what games i like, hum lets see few fps (tired of the genre), rpgs, mmos, racing games, indie games, big fan of minecraft, strategy games, horror survival games. think that about covers it.
  • What specific game will you be playing (if applicable) for now minecraft but will play a wide range of games, and some old games i've missed since i switched over to mac.

If you Render or Edit things-

  • cs6 and adobe lightroom 4, however wishing to upgrade to lightroom 5, not quite sure about adobe creative cloud yet.
  • would like to try video game recording in the future
  •  If you don't have peripherals -
  • Prefer mechanical keyboards.
  • what kind of games do you play? few fps (tired of the genre), rpgs, mmos, racing games, indie games, big fan of minecraft, strategy games, horror survival games
  • honestly as i've said been disconnnected from all of this so suddenly i have no idea what most things mean! color fidelity is important to me since i take photos and do like to print them after processing in the computer, so a monitor that lets me profile its colors so i can get accurate colors when printing.

I put as much money into the graphics card as I could and there is plenty of room for upgrades


A much more balanced build:

thank you guys, and would could i expect of such builds gaming wise?