Retina screen

Okey so in class some of my fellow students have macbooks right(I have a windows pc), but one of them has one with a retina screen and he likes to point this out when he can. and today I argued just briefly with him and I mentioned that when 4K comes that will be so much better and that we already have 1440p. And the funny thing is that he said that retina  screensare like 16000K... I don't think he knows what I meant with 4K. And he also thinks mac's in general are the best and can do everything... what do you guys think about this?


Why even argue with him? Leave him with his ignorance. 

those screens are 1800p, pretty damn rediculous

i'm not even going to comment on that magical unix based os that turns potatos into god boxes

Just tell him to pull up his iPhone, and multiply 2880x1800

And then pull up your phone (if it's Android this will multiply the hate), and multiply 3840x2160

And then ask him which number is bigger.

If he's still insistent, than just pat him in the back and smash his head onto the table. 

no his is not 1800p as its the one with a 13" display and not 15". 

That's the whole point that i dont understand about apple. How de f*** do they do that!

I will do so as it annoys me how little some people know

still they are overpriced and mostly an accessory in my opinion.

thanks for the tip will do if I ever bother arguing with him

the 13" one is 2560 x 1600 = 4.09mil pixels

4k: 3840 x 2160 = 8.29 mil pixels.

just tell him that 4k has double the amount of pixels as his screen. then, before leaving the room, tell him that the company that designed his laptop uses a half eaten piece of fruit as their logo =)

thanks for the tip :)



I go to a college where everyone is given MacBook Air's for their "work".

Everyone sucks Apple's dick because they don't know any better. They are unintelligent, and don't know anything about tech - yet they bluntly make these false statements. But everyone agrees that Apple is king, because everyone else is in the same boat.

It drives me insane and i'm sick to death of it. But think of it this way: Would you rather them ruining PC's? If they were all using PC's, they would say way worse shit, and it would strike closer to the heart. And I'm probably going to be raided by the FBI for saying this, but it would "make me want to walk into the school and shoot the living shit out of everyone".

And with that said, I guess the best way to solve this problem, is to keep them interested in Mac, ignore their lip service, and come home, embrace the PC, and enjoy it with other wise people. 

I like to think of it this way, On Earth, Apple controls the world. Everything is painted white, and people are forced to support Apple, or be given a hard time by Apple's police. Everyone is living a sad, shallow life with no freedom of choice. War rages between the Allies (PlayStation) and the Axis (Xbox), leaving destruction in its path. But ever so slowly, is Apple taking over the entirety of the Earth.

But somewhere not far from Earth, there is a planet, greater in size to Earth. Holding tropical rain forests, deserts, endless oceans, vast landscapes and a home to the most knowledgeable people in the galaxy. PC. Enjoying their troubleless lives, exploring the planet, inventing ground-breaking technology and inspiring each other in their wisdom. With freedom of choice, and the knowledge to make a wise decision. The people living on the planet are aware, and if not informed by their piers of the war that rages on Earth.

As Apple devours Earth, PC lives it's own life away from the problem all together.

Long story short, PC users are smart enough to just stay out of it, and enjoy what they have.

Don't worry about these people, or Apple. I know the crap that they say is annoying, but stay out of it, and you'll be fine.



just wow, thanks man I really apreciate this, and I will let them believe that and leave them in their bubble of ignorance. I feel sorry for you having to go to a school with people like that. 

Fact is Apple's one advantage over current system is the high PPI screen.

I could care less if I could get a 1440p or 4k screen on a non-Apple product — if they can't pack it within 20–24" then it's of no benefit to me. It's not only about the resolution.

For whatever reason monitor manufacturers and other laptop retailers are slow and/or nonresponsive regarding the sale of high pixel density screens.

That said, that doesn't make Apple products or the Macbook OK. That's like saying the Bible is good because it includes the golden rule "love thy neighbor as thyself". One could go on and on about the problems with Apple stuff. One of the best people to hear from is ironically Steve Wozniak — yes, founder of Apple, and the only reason the company ever made any money.