Restore Windows 7 on SSD from VHD backup

Hello everyone, a customer has a notebook for plc programming and about two weeks ago the SSD died. Fortunately he did backups with Windows backup and restore functionality. We have all the files but also a VHD system image. I am not able to restore the SSD from that system image. Google searches only gave me strange satanic rituals as options. Do you happen to know how to do that? :slight_smile:

If you have access to the files without the VHD image, would it not be fine to just do a fresh install and transfer files across? Or is there something required from the system image?

So much facepalm while googling this. There doesn’t seem to be an easy option without either having a working Windows to restore too / use third party software.

What witchcraft is this?

@TheRatPack123 It’s more about having the system and the applications in the exact same state as before the SSD died. Customers love it.

@StrY ikr … Do you have any suggestions? I found out about Acronis being able to do that maybe.

According to this you should be able to restore using a free version of Macrium Backup.