Restore my laptop, good idea or bad idea?

So i made a post related to some problems i'm having with my laptop

Today i was thinking if instead of saving again and get a new laptop, could be worth it to try and "restore" my laptop? The things i would get are a new charger (because i feel it's causing the problem from my last post), new battery, get at least 4gb of ram and a 120gb ssd.

I only use this laptop for school work and something to have on the go when i'm not at home. So, is it worth it?

That'd probably be super helpful. SSD's pretty much helps bring any old computer back to life. I'd say an SSD, 4GB of ram, new battery, and new charger would be super helpful.

Depending on how you use your laptop for school you could probably get away with installing linux on it instead of windows and you'll get a little extra performance out of it running something like Lubuntu or Xubuntu.

Thanks for the reply, i have already windows 7 and ubuntu gnome in my laptop but right now i'm having some problems with it, so i hope getting new parts could solve the issue.

I guess the real question actually would be how much money will you be spending on these parts? It might be worth to buy a brand new little laptop or a chromebook.

for what it's worth, i have an old HP G62-340 with a dual core and it was running ridiculously slow. Like 2 minute start time to get to the desktop and not even be done loading the programs slow. I installed a 240GB Sandisk SSD and I think threw some ram in it and it made a world of difference.

what is the size of the origanial HDD? will have some issues if it is bigger than the ssd

Defo restore

I'm still using a 2008 Packard Bell ZG5 netbook (basically an Acer Aspire A150 with different clothes).

The BIOS has been replaced with an unlocked InsydeH2O one
I've upgraded the 120GB HDD to a 240GB OCZ Agility3.
The RAM has been maxed out (the motherboard can only see 1.5GB of RAM)
The 2200mAh 3-cell battery was replaced with a 14400mAh 12-cell affair, giving me 16-17 hours on a single charge.

It is showing its age when you try to do CPU-intensive stuff or try to game, but it's still pretty responsive otherwise.
The battery comes in handy on intercontinental flights. I need to go from Brussels to Tampa (and back) every once in a while, and it's nice to watch movies all the way without having to worry about battery life.


That's not a battery it's too big, that's a bunch of power generating slave smurfs in a box o_o


this would likely be a much better upgrade then an ssd.

then again the t9900 may be a better option if you plan on running emulators since it's 3ghz.

be sure your running this bios before installing the cpu or it may not work.

you also have the option of getting a external gpu that connects to the express card 54 slot.

Yeah I would say this depends on the cost of investment. If you have stuff laying around like I do, its nbd.
I use a shit Gateway w350 w/linux. It runs pretty well for what it is, which is pretty much a word processing machine I use for office/school stuff. Previously it could barely play video.

But its worth mentioning most SSDs are 3/gbps or better, your SATA controller will probably max at like 150/mbps for
that unit, maybe more or less.

No, because despite having improved core performance (if you can even add that chip) you will still have lackluster load times for pretty much everything still. If you're running the standard 2GB that comes with this machine, that is hardly enough to do even basic tasks, unless you're running a small version of linux.
You're also probably using an old drive with a smaller HD cache, which is killing your load times. Even if, modern HDs are like 64/mb cache, still nothing compared to an SSD.
I sell SSDs all the time to people trying to keep their old machines but don't need a lot of storage space.
So I'd say go for it, if it doesn't exceed the value of the machine.

you can always find a ssd but old cpu's become harder to find as time passes.the same can be said for 4gb pc2-5300 sodimm sticks.

Sorry for the late response.
Thanks for all the feedback :)

The hdd that my laptop has is a 2.5" 120gb irc 5400rpm hdd.
I was looking for the price of the charger and for the battery on ebay and for the charger they are like between 15 and 25 usd, and for the battery like 13-ish usd.
I think ram is about the same range of price like i said before. As for the ssd i will be looking for any cheap 120gb or 128gb one, i saw a 120gb Adata for a good price.