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Restore category column


The latest version of Discourse removes the category column, making every post take up roughly 50% more vertical real-estate. As is usual for Discourse they didn’t warn anybody or think to offer a simple switch to restore the old behavior. My users hated this change (and I do too), so I installed this simple component to restore it.

Note the changes thread also has CSS fixes to move the category to the right rather than restoring the column entirely, but they mess up formatting with pinned posts.


Yes Please! Category under thread titles looks cluttered.


Discourse in a nutshell…
Change something that impacts everyone, looks odd and give no option to change it.




Yeah well its kinda better for mobile users without the category column i guess.
But i personally prefer the category column as well.
Still there is a drop down menu that shows the category + a search option as well.
And also the category overview page is still there as well.


I can get on board with the mobile users perspective, however, one would hope that these days there would be a mobile variation of the site that could automatically detect a mobile browser and offer that sort of difference.


Mobile views already had categories underneath thread titles. This change only impacts desktop.

Discord offers an amazing responsive UI for mobile users.


You forget the



Well, that’s the reality of using a free open-source application, they build what they want and what their paid customers want. If you think differently, you can try to change their minds (aka piss in the wind) or submit a patch.

I mean, it’s a heck of a deal for free. Xenforo is $140 and it’s far less feature-rich. Also requires far less hardware to run, though.