Restarted Windows, Nothing is Happening!

Hey, so I just built my new computer and I got Windows 8. So everything worked great until a couple minutes ago when I restarted the system after installing mobo chipset and graphic card drivers. Now the screen just changes shades of black... Can anyone help?

I have no idea pull the HardDrive and see if you can get into bios, I really dont know much to help you but try that first.

I can get into the bios fine, and then I boot windows and I see the logo and spinning thing, then it goes off the screen and nothing happens!

Hmmmm, i dont know then. Sorry, i'm not much into the OS/booting troubleshooting. i'm currently looking to build my first computer so i don't know how to help you. Good luck though!

Well thanks anyawy

boot back to the windows disk and try to restore from a previous point

does the PC boot in safe mode?

I moved the graphics card to a different slot and it works fine now.... kind of odd, but I'll take it.

well shit, now we know.